Need a Reason to Travel? How About 54 of Them!

Airplane Above Clouds

Looking for a little inspiration of where to go and what to see? No problem. Check out these 54 teasers of what awaits you and your luggage!

  1. For scuba divers, Belize offers access to the second largest coral reef a short boat ride away.
  2. Costa Rica's Corcovado National Park is one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth.
  3. The newly constructed Glacier Skywalk in Canada's Jasper National Park is 915 feet above land.
  4. “Flyboarding” gives you superpowers as you soar on the waters of Ibiza wearing jet boots.
  5. The eerie, ancient catacombs underneath Paris are much spookier at night.
  6. The world's tallest hotel is in Dubai, with two towers standing at a whopping 72 stories.
  7. There's nothing so breathtaking as watching the sun rise over the ruins of Borobudur in Java.
  8. Only in June and July, take a cable car straight into Iceland's dormant Thrihnukagigur volcano.
  9. Millions of bats fill the sky during their annual migration in Kasanka, Zambia.
  10. See the world's highest tides from a boat on Nova Scotia's Bay of Fundy.
  11. Drive off-road from the jungle to where it touches the sea at Queensland's Cape Tribulation.
  12. Romania's Bran Castle is sometimes called “Dracula's Castle” and has many secret passageways.
  13. The lost city of Petra in Jordan was built right into a cliff-face as seen in Indiana Jones.
  14. Ride a hot air balloon above the magnificent peaks called “fairy chimneys” in Central Turkey.
  15. On a sightseeing tour in Hamburg, you may row past the statue of a giant woman, “the Bather.”
  16. Catch huge Barracuda on a game fishing excursion off the coast of Phuket, Thailand.
  17. A popular tourism option in Morocco is having tea with Berber nomads in their mountain caves.
  18. The Plum Village Monastery in Southern France is home to 200 monks and nuns and welcomes visitors.
  19. Take your pooch along on a spiritual retreat holiday complete with meditation time in Wales.
  20. You can take a luxury “cruise on a train” in Kyushu, Japan, called Seven Stars.
  21. Literary fans can embark on a James Joyce walking tour in Dublin and even visit his gravesite.
  22. Ghenghis Khan held sacrificial ceremonies near what are now the Rashaan Rocks in Inner Mongolia.
  23. Many couples get married on Easter Island each year, but you can only get there by ferry.
  24. Canoe on the world's deepest river, the Congo, which runs through several African countries.
  25. Dating back as far as 3650 B.C., Gaziantep, Turkey, is considered the world's oldest city.
  26. Weihenstephan Abbey, the oldest brewery in the world, still offers tours three days a week.
  27. When having dinner in Argentina, expect to stay late. It's usually served around 11 p.m.
  28. Alaska hosts the Iditarod dog sled race every March, drawing huge crowds at the start and finish.
  29. The former Saint Columbas Lunatic Asylum, once home to 1100 patients, is now a hotel in Ireland.
  30. Called the “End of the World,” only 6 species of trees exist on Chile's Tierra del Fuego.
  31. Most of the world's sapphires come from Sri Lanka, and “buying trips” to the country are common.
  32. Vietnam's national flower is the lotus. The leaves are often used in tea and its seeds in food.
  33. The original cable of China's highest bridge, in the Hubei Province, was put in place by a rocket.
  34. Scotland's Fingal's Cave is filled with water but can only be reached by spelunkers on foot.
  35. Belgium is famous for chocolate, but it's also home to the Belgian Comic Strip Center in Brussels.
  36. Visitors to Kenya can traverse the country's back roads on horseback riding safaris.
  37. Thailand's Don Mueang International Airport has an 18-hole golf course between its two runways.
  38. Padua, Italy, is home to the Alnwick Poison Garden, which features only deadly plants.
  39. Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic is the oldest permanent settlement in the Americas.
  40. You can feed giraffes out of some hotel windows in Nairobi.
  41. Finland provides a fantastic view of the Northern Lights, and you can stay in an igloo village.
  42. Bicycle-friendly Amsterdam in the Netherlands has more than 240 miles of bike lanes.
  43. Bolivia's Guembe Biocenter, the world's largest butterfly sanctuary, is open 365 days a year.
  44. There is no hitchhiking in Moscow; Custom dictates that rides are offered to strangers for a fee.
  45. Skip the mundane in Puerto Vallarta and experience Mexico's fastest jungle zip-line instead.
  46. In South Korea, you can order out from all types of restaurants – even fast food joints.
  47. Soccer is so popular in Brazil that every city in the country has a soccer stadium.
  48. Did you know metal floats? Boasting 40 bands over 4 nights, an annual Caribbean rock cruise does.
  49. Singapore's “Fusionopolis” three-building high-rise is a fully contained indoor ecosystem.
  50. The only motorized transport in the backpacker's paradise of Vang Vieng, Laos, is a small cart.
  51. The historic “ghost walk” tours in Santa Fe are led by knowledgeable guides in Old West garb.
  52. Visitors can learn a few crafting tricks-of-the-trade in village workshops near Kerala, India.
  53. A popular activity in Bern, Switzerland, is embarking on an educational city treasure hunt.
  54. You can dive for real treasure in sunken pirate ships off the coast of Mazatlan in Mexico.
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