Check Out the Pumpkin Cannon at Lawyer's Winterbrook Farm in Maryland

    3/20/21 •

    When we spotted a huge orange contraption outside a cornfield near Thurmont in Maryland’s Catoctin Mountains, my husband and I detoured to investigate. Doug was delighted to learn it was Lawyer’s Winterbrook Farm’s unique pumpkin cannon. A “cannonmaster” showed Doug how to load it… adjust aim for wind and elevation… and pull down hard with…

    Presidential Pet Museum, Maryland: Some Presidents Had Unusual Pets

    1/07/16 •

    …few of the surprises I found at the Presidential Pet Museum outside Washington, D.C., in Lothian, Maryland. This quirky little find, run by friendly Claire McLean, who’s a professional dog groomer, breeder and judge, preserves more than 1,500 presidential pet artifacts and photos. I was fascinated to learn that presidents have served as veritable zookeepers,…

    Antietam National Battlefield in Maryland: Site of the Civil War's Bloodiest Day

    12/23/17 •

    When I visited Antietam National Battlefield in Maryland, it was hard to imagine that the bloodiest day of the Civil War occurred on these lovely rolling green fields. But battle scars still mar the landscape where more than 23,000 soldiers died on September 17, 1862. The bloody conflict marked the end of General Robert E….

    National Road-Zane Grey Museum in Norwich, Ohio

    10/02/19 •

    The National Road-Zane Grey Museum in Norwich is well worth a stop if you’re in east-central Ohio. In the early 1800s, the 600-mile National Road (now U.S. Highway 40) was the granddaddy of federal highways; it stretched between Cumberland, Maryland and Vandalia, Illinois and was the only thoroughfare that linked the eastern United States to…

    Feedback from Fellow Project Managers

    6/29/17 •

    …be ready! Any suggestions? I know this isn’t probably what you expected as a comment or question, but you are obviously very successful at what you do. Can you help this very “Green” project manager out from Maryland. Thank you in advance for your advice… Next up is PM struggling with the challenge of finding…

    When Drones Use Their Powers for Good

    2/07/20 •

    …to deploy drones in all its national parks–throwing a wrench into the efforts of WWF and other anti-poaching programs like that of University of Maryland researcher Tom Snitch in South Africa. Nevertheless, some economic factors can help the fight to save rare animals: both the tourism money at stake as a result of poaching (depopulated…