Maine's Liberty Tool Company: Possibly the Largest Secondhand Store

    11/20/12 •

    …While driving through the little town of Liberty on our annual visit to Maine I happened upon the Liberty Tool Company, a jewel of a hardware store that claims it’s Maine’s largest secondhand store. If you can trace a culture’s history by its tools, as the owners claim, Liberty Tool would be the…

    Eartha, the World's Largest Rotating Globe in Yarmouth, Maine

    2/21/15 •

    …Maps from the DeLorme Company helped us navigate countless backroads. So when we needed new ones, we headed for their headquarters in Yarmouth, Maine. We’d only heard a little about Eartha, the world’s largest rotating globe, which stands in DeLorme’s lobby. But what an impressive sight to watch this 41-foot, 5,600-pound globe, tilted…

    Containers for Bonsai

    6/24/17 •

    …not suit a forest tree, which demands an unfussy, earthy pot. Maine Pots These tiny containers vary in size from 1/2 inch (1.2 cm) to 1.5 inch (4 cm). Maine pots are notable for their interesting colors and finishes which are designed to make them more eye-catching. Oval, Matt-Glazed Container The bold color and understated…

    Dealing with Weather and the Environment

    4/07/16 •

    …Some of the most beautiful photographs are made during bad weather. There is beauty in all weather, and raindrops, snowflakes, and fog can add to your photographic adventure. Think of the atmosphere in photos of a fishing village on the coast of Maine or snow-covered buffalo roaming the plains of Yellowstone National Park. Bad…

    Bonsai Landscape Styles

    3/29/13 •

    …are endless, bounded only by your ideas and expertise. Often, rocks add an air of drama to a design, with their cragginess and height enhancing the effect of distance and space. The frequently used Ibigawa rocks can suggest a landscape similar to that of their native Japan, or the rocky coasts of California and Maine….

    10 Steps to a Successful Project

    1/20/18 •

    …The state of Maine spent $25 million on a web-based Medicaid claims system. In exchange for all that money, they got a $300 million backlog in unprocessed claims. Doesn’t seem like a particularly good deal, does it? The details of this web services project were unique, but the problems were quite common. Projects fail…

    Guide to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

    1/02/17 •

    …If you live in Northeastern US you don’t have many options for visiting a national park within driving distance. You can head up to Acadia National Park in Maine or down to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. However, for the quintessential national park experience your best bet is to make your way to the…