Maine's Liberty Tool Company: Possibly the Largest Secondhand Store

    12/05/19 •

    While driving through the little town of Liberty on our annual visit to Maine I happened upon the Liberty Tool Company, a jewel of a hardware store that claims it’s Maine’s largest secondhand store. If you can trace a culture’s history by its tools, as the owners claim, Liberty Tool would be the place to…

    Eartha, the World's Largest Rotating Globe in Yarmouth, Maine

    2/18/19 •

    Maps from the DeLorme Company helped us navigate countless backroads. So when we needed new ones, we headed for their headquarters in Yarmouth, Maine. We’d only heard a little about Eartha, the world’s largest rotating globe, which stands in DeLorme’s lobby. But what an impressive sight to watch this 41-foot, 5,600-pound globe, tilted at the…