Using Lyft and Uber in Florida

    2/04/20 •

    Ride-sharing apps have become more prevalent over the years due to their convenient features. In Florida, Uber and Lyft are two of the leading ridesharing apps. Both apps offer several advantages of carpooling technology such as cab selection, upfront pricing, access to ratings and booking history, estimated time and arrival, and many more. Are you…

    Try Something New: Gatorland in Orlando, Florida

    3/07/21 •

    Exhausted by the frantic pace of central Florida’s theme parks? Gatorland is a delightful change of pace — and only minutes away from those better-known attractions. This 37-acre wildlife preserve is home to more than 1,000 alligators, 200 crocodiles and thousands of birds. It features a three-story observation tower overlooking a 10-acre breeding marsh and…

    Florida Everglades Bird Pictures (2)

    2/16/14 •

    If you like birds, whether to take pictures or to just observe, I highly recommend a trip to the Florida Everglades. The proximity to the coast, mix of fresh and salt water, and lots of brush make it an ideal place for many types of birds. The book, Our National Parks by Reader’s Digest writes…

    Like No Other: Homosassaga Springs Wildlife State Park, Florida

    9/10/17 •

    On our annual trip to Florida, a local man told my husband that we had to see Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park in Homosassa, near central Florida’s Gulf Coast. We’re sure glad we took his advice — it’s like no other state park we’ve ever visited. After a stop at the visitors center, which offers…

    Explore the African Queen Steamboat Docked at Key Largo, Florida

    11/30/18 •

    We were surprised to find the African Queen, the steamboat immortalized in the 1951 movie of the same name, docked in a canal in Key Largo, Florida. Built in England, the 36-foot steel-hulled boat was originally named Livingston and toiled as a ferry on Lake Albert. Those duties were interrupted in 1951 to film the…

    Sumter County Farmers Market, Florida

    11/21/18 •

    Flea markets abound in Florida, but Webster’s extravaganza–among the state’s oldest and largest–astonishes even seasoned flea market goers like me. It’s actually two adjoining markets: the Sumter County Farmers Market (also called the Webster Flea Market) and the Webster Westside Flea Market. Together, they encompass up to 4,000 dealers spread over 55 acres–wear comfortable walking…

    Ted Williams Museum and Hitters Hall of Fame in Hernando, Florida

    11/21/20 •

    Entering the Ted Williams Museum and Hitters Hall of Fame in Hernando, Florida made me feel like a kid again, listening to Boston Red Sox games on my grandmother’s Philco radio and hearing the crowd go wild as “The Splendid Splinter” steps to the plate. Shaped like a baseball diamond, the museum is definitely worth…

    Fort Matanzas National Monument, Florida

    12/22/20 •

    The city of St. Augustine in northeastern Florida is among the oldest settlements in America. And just a short drive away, you can take a free ferry to see little-known Fort Matanzas, built by the Spanish in 1740 to protect the city. The small fort is on an island in the mouth of the Matanzas…

    Underwater Pictures From a Florida Snorkeling Trip

    12/13/20 •

    In Florida you can go snorkeling in water that is clear enough to take pictures. That’s where these ones were taken. I didn’t use my usual DSLR for these though since the waterproof casing would cost more than the camera. Instead, I borrowed a friend’s point-and-shoot that had a waterproof case. All of these underwater…

    5 Picture-Perfect Towns Lost in Time

    8/28/20 •

    …the awe of discovering a place that stands unspoiled from over a hundred years before, these little vacation spots have plenty to offer the intrepid traveler. Celebration, Florida Image via Flickr by hyku Celebration, Florida was the realization of Walt Disney’s dream to create an ideal community. Though he proposed the idea for Epcot, as…

    The 4 Best States for Going Solar in 2021—Ranked!

    5/02/21 •

    …have installed solar panels over the past few years. So what are you waiting for Texans? 4. Florida It’s no surprise the Sunshine State is on this list. Some areas of the state are sunny almost all year round making it perfect to install solar panels. Plus, Florida is starting to invest heavily in solar…

    Dealing with Weather and the Environment

    6/14/20 •

    …are the humidity will not have long enough time to damage your equipment. If, however, you are spending an extended time in the jungle or the wilds off the beaten path, like Florida, there are precautions you can take. To prevent damage, simply wipe down your gear after each photo session. Store your equipment in…

    Alaska Marine Ferry

    11/26/17 •

    …but the time really flew by. Since there are only 15 miles of road in the area, we spent a considerable amount of time shopping. A lot of incredulous people questioned us about our Florida license plates! We also watched Tlingit Indians demonstrate their traditional dances and arts, and we stopped at the marvelous St….

    A Detailed Guide to Pet Iguanas (Iguanidae)

    7/15/20 •

    …but it has spread, for instance, to Florida. Habitat: Rain forests. Identifying characteristics: Adhesive lamellae. Behavior: Diurnal. Tree-dwelling. More relaxed and less active than other species of anoles. Lives in loose groups. Maintenance: High terrarium, 24 x 24 x 36 inches (60 x 60 x 90 cm) for one male and two females. Decorations: Branches…

    Aquarium Plant Database (222 Plants and Counting)

    10/19/19 •

    The folks at Aquatic Plant Central have compiled a lot of information about freshwater aquarium plants. I’ve seen no other source of information that is as useful as what they’ve written. Unfortunately, the interface isn’t useful as I’d like. So, I went ahead and re-compiled their information into the single-page chart you see below. To…

    Lizard Pictures

    1/05/16 •

    Lizards are annoyingly skittish when you want to take a picture of them. They’re so skittish that 3 out of my 5 pictures are from a zoo. The first lizard picture is from a park in the Florida Keys. The second picture is from the Bronx Zoo. The next two are from the San Diego…

    The Complete Long-Term Vacation Packing-List: 6 Must-Haves You Can’t Forget

    2/23/21 •

    …to Florida, for example, prevents your prized possession from getting damaged from the road. Travelers who choose to forgo their vehicle for extended periods risk break-ins, weather damage, or theft when returning from their paradise. Instead of wasting energy stressing while you’re away, bring your car along for the ride— you’ll thank yourself as you…

    Swamp Survival in Georgia, USA (6)

    8/21/20 •

    In the American South, bordering Georgia and Florida, lies swampland that is the domain of snakes and alligators. How could anyone last 7 days here alone? Les Stroud, Survivorman, takes on the challenge of showing us what to do in this challenging wilderness. His adventure starts off by being blindfolded and dropped off somewhere along…

    Profits Unlimited – Is it a Scam?

    3/08/21 •

    …began working in his new job. He also serves as the publisher of four other financial journals. What is the Banyan Hill Publishing? Banyan Hill is a consulting and publishing company based in Delray Beach, Florida. It was founded in 1998 as a Sovereign Society. Currently, it is concentrating on spending in the United States….

    Columbia Glacier, Alaska

    9/21/17 •

    Get a close-up look at Alaska’s fast-moving Columbia Glacier. We live in sunny Florida, so it’s only natural that Alaska is our favorite destination–we’ve been there five times. One of our most exciting day trips there began in Valdez, where we boarded the Glacier Spirit for a cruise through Prince William Sound to the mighty…