Try Something New: Gatorland in Orlando, Florida

    3/07/21 •

    Exhausted by the frantic pace of central Florida’s theme parks? Gatorland is a delightful change of pace — and only minutes away from those better-known attractions. This 37-acre wildlife preserve…

    Like No Other: Homosassaga Springs Wildlife State Park, Florida

    9/10/17 •

    On our annual trip to Florida, a local man told my husband that we had to see Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park in Homosassa, near central Florida’s Gulf Coast. We’re…

    Explore the African Queen Steamboat Docked at Key Largo, Florida

    11/30/18 •

    We were surprised to find the African Queen, the steamboat immortalized in the 1951 movie of the same name, docked in a canal in Key Largo, Florida. Built in England,…

    Sumter County Farmers Market, Florida

    11/21/18 •

    Flea markets abound in Florida, but Webster’s extravaganza–among the state’s oldest and largest–astonishes even seasoned flea market goers like me. It’s actually two adjoining markets: the Sumter County Farmers Market…

    Ted Williams Museum and Hitters Hall of Fame in Hernando, Florida (1)

    11/21/20 •

    Entering the Ted Williams Museum and Hitters Hall of Fame in Hernando, Florida made me feel like a kid again, listening to Boston Red Sox games on my grandmother’s Philco…

    Fort Matanzas National Monument, Florida

    12/22/20 •

    The city of St. Augustine in northeastern Florida is among the oldest settlements in America. And just a short drive away, you can take a free ferry to see little-known…

    5 Picture-Perfect Towns Lost in Time

    8/28/20 •

    …place that stands unspoiled from over a hundred years before, these little vacation spots have plenty to offer the intrepid traveler. Celebration, Florida Image via Flickr by hyku Celebration, Florida

    Alaska Marine Ferry

    11/26/17 •

    …questioned us about our Florida license plates! We also watched Tlingit Indians demonstrate their traditional dances and arts, and we stopped at the marvelous St. Michael’s Cathedral, built by Russians…

    A Detailed Guide to Pet Iguanas (Iguanidae)

    7/15/20 •

    …Anolis equestris (Merrem, 1820) Total length: 22 inches (55 cm). Head-torso length: 9 inches (20 cm). Distribution and Description: Cuba, but it has spread, for instance, to Florida. Habitat: Rain…

    Dealing with Weather and the Environment

    6/14/20 •

    …have long enough time to damage your equipment. If, however, you are spending an extended time in the jungle or the wilds off the beaten path, like Florida, there are…

    Aquarium Plant Database (222 Plants and Counting)

    10/19/19 •

    …North America Florida Heteranthera zosterifolia Easy Medium Not Specific Stem Pontederiaceae Heteranthera Individual stem width: 5-12cm (2-5in) Fast Central/South America Brazil Hottonia palustris Moderate High Not Specific Stem Primulaceae Hottonia…

    Water ETF: A Precious Commodity Despite Its Abundancy (2)

    4/04/21 •

    …water shortage. Water shortage in Florida forces agricultural users to reduce consumption 15%. Petroleum refinery in Kenya shut down due to water shortage. Water shortage in Dominican Republic leads to…

    Guided Kayaking and Snorkeling in Bonaire's Mangroves

    8/06/23 •

    …enough to create significant waves. This was actually my second time in a mangrove — the first was in the Everglades of Florida in a canoe. Bonaire’s mangroves are just…

    A Quick Peek At Whiptails (Teiidae)

    7/28/17 •

    …in South America; naturalized in Florida. Habitat: Grassy forests, bush country, high grass. Identifying characteristics: Pointed head, cleft tongue. Behavior: Diurnal. Inhabits ground, stumps, and low branches. Likes to dig….

    55 SEO Interview Questions (31)

    6/11/21 •

    …salary and location were not an issue, who would you work for? In Google Lore – what are ‘Hilltop’, ‘Florida’ and ‘Big Daddy’? Have you attended any search related conferences?…

    Fire Ant Bites: First Aid When Bitten

    4/12/18 •

    Imported red fire ants overrun the majority of Southern United States, from Texas and Oklahoma to Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. Each year, they expand farther north. Nearly 40 percent…

    Humpback Covered Bridge in Lexington, Virginia: The Oldest of Its Kind

    3/04/20 •

    On a leisurely trip back home from Florida, we drove through the mountains of Virginia and spent the night in Lexington. At a restaurant, we saw a postcard of the…

    Columbia Glacier, Alaska

    9/21/17 •

    Get a close-up look at Alaska’s fast-moving Columbia Glacier. We live in sunny Florida, so it’s only natural that Alaska is our favorite destination–we’ve been there five times. One of…

    Chinchilla Breeders (33)

    12/12/20 •

    Florida Chinchilla Rampage Winmar Farms Illinois ABC Chinchillas Chocolate Chins Indiana NWI Chinchillas Louisiana Sunset Chinchillas New York Paul Kubasiewicz North Carolina Tiffany’s Chinchillas Pennsylvania Susan J. Lamb Texas Heavenly…

    Swamp Survival in Georgia, USA (6)

    8/21/20 •

    In the American South, bordering Georgia and Florida, lies swampland that is the domain of snakes and alligators. How could anyone last 7 days here alone? Les Stroud, Survivorman, takes…