Windows UI Tweaker

I try to stick to writing about software that I use a lot myself. I figure that's the best way to make sure that my recommendations are meaningful. But sometimes I come across a program that I know some people will like, something that I genuinely feel is worth using, but that I have no interest in myself. Such is the case with the free Fresh UI v7.5 program from Fresh Devices.

Fresh UI is a specialized registry editor. But that's OK. Its purpose is to give you access to registry entries that control how Windows looks and how it behaves. So rather than dig through different instructions on where certain keys are and what values to use, this program pretty much allows you to just point and click.

So if you're in to tweaking Windows, check this program out. Make sure to use the backup feature it offers before messing with things. You never know what can go wrong and a backup is the best way to restore your settings. And if you happen to find a really good combination of tweaks, let me know.

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