No Category Base for WordPress

No Category Base Plugin

For those of you that like “clean” URLs, this plugin is for you. It will remove the otherwise mandatory ‘Category Base' from your category permalinks. For example, ‘' will, with this plugin, become ‘'.

You can download this plugin from the WordPress plugin repository.

The No Category Base plugin doesn't require any configuration or modification of any WordPress files. In addition, it won't break any links and will take care of redirecting your old category links to the new ones.

Plugin Features Include

  • User-friendly, context-rich permalinks like ‘' and ‘'.
  • Low overhead even on the biggest sites.
  • Works out of the box. Just install and activate.
  • No need to modify WordPress files.
  • Doesn't require other plugins to work.
  • Compatible with sitemap plugins.
  • Compatible with WPML.
  • Works with multiple sub-categories.
  • Works with WordPress Multisite.
  • Redirects old category permalinks to the new ones using 301 redirects which will support your SEO efforts.

If you have any ideas for additional functionality or you think you've discovered a bug, please leave a message below.

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  1. Здравствуйте! Как удалить плагин? Как только я его деактивирую, мой сайт перестает работать, записи не открываются, выдается ошибка 404 - страница не найдена.

    Hello! How do I remove the plugin? As soon as I deactivate it, my site stops working, posts do not open, error 404 is returned - the page is not found.

    • After you remove the plugin, try going to Settings --> Permalinks and clicking on Save Changes.

      • Thanks! That worked well.

  2. Thank you for this fantastic plugin, it works perfectly and does what I have been trying to do myself for a long time. Thanks a lot! What a great way to start the New Year! :-)

  3. Hi! we have been using your plugin for a few weeks now, along with WPML, everything was working fine, but all of the sudden, category links started to fail, redirecting to posts and or media files. We had to deactivate it for the site to continue working. Any ideas why it could be? Do you think you can help us out here? Thanks

    • I don't know why it would stop working after weeks of working fine. My plugin hasn't changed recently so I'm guessing another plugin update has resulting in a conflict.

  4. Dear Mario,

    Could you also support to remove the products slug also?

    It's the main problem left, one the slug for categories has been removed.

    Do you think it's feasible and any plans?

    Thanks in advance!

    • I have no immediate plans to make this update. Thank you for the suggestion.

  5. Hi,
    I'm testing the plugin with AMPforWP and I found a 404 error when, from the front end, I click to call a subcategory of a post.
    Permalinks are OK.

  6. The plugin is great but was wondering if there is any plan to extend this to also remove the tag base /tags/... Thanks!

    • I have many plans :-) It's a good idea, but I'm not sure when I'll dedicate the time to adding that functionality.

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