New Hampshire

    See How Maple Syrup is Made at Sweet Maples Sugarhouse, New Hampshire

    4/04/19 •

    To see firsthand how modern-day maple syrup is made, we enjoy visiting the family-owned Sweet Maples Sugarhouse in Newbury, New Hampshire during March or April. The Sweet brothers — Pieter, Doug and Jeffery–practice the fine art taught by their father, Robert. The sugaring season lasts about 6-8 weeks, when daytime temperatures above freezing and below-freezing…

    Pickle Festival of Winchester, New Hampshire

    7/12/17 •

    You’ve heard of autumn festivals celebrating apples, pumpkins and other goodies — but how about a pickle festival? Winchester, New Hampshire holds one every year, and it’s great fun. Up and down the street of this small town, you’ll see people selling pickles of all kinds — sweet, sour, dill and garlic. Crafts and food…

    The Frost Place Museum and Art Center, New Hampshire (1)

    9/11/16 •

    While visiting New Hampshire, I stopped at The Frost Place, a museum and arts center located in a Franconia farmhouse. Beloved poet Robert Frost and his wife, Elinor, lived here from 1915 until 1920 and summered here until 1938. I saw first editions of his work and fascinating memorabilia he’d collected before his death in…

    Largest Megalithic Sites in North America is in New Hampshire

    12/22/18 •

    During a recent trip through New England, my husband and I visited one of the largest megalithic sites in North America — America’s Stonehenge near Salem, New Hampshire. Like England’s Stonehenge, the site’s stone chambers and walls comprise an ancient solar and lunar calendar — and it’s still accurate, some 4,000 years after it was…

    Wolfeboro, New Hampshire: The Oldest Summer Resort in America

    8/10/18 •

    We’d always been curious about Wolfeboro, a little town in our state of New Hampshire that proclaims itself as the “Oldest Summer Resort in America”. So one day we decided to explore and see what it has to offer. We discovered that Wolfeboro is a charming town located on Lake Winnipesaukee, the state’s largest lake…

    The History of Nitrogen Narcosis

    5/23/21 •

    …U.S. Navy submarine, Squalus, suffered a catastrophic valve failure during a test dive off New Hampshire’s Isle of Shoals. Fortunately it came to rest in just 240 feet of water, rather than the crushing depths just offshore. Only a quick salvage-and-rescue operation would save the lives aboard, but the depth made air diving operations less…

    Stay at Longfellow's Wayside Inn in Sudbury, Massachusetts

    10/30/19 •

    …operating since 1716, making it one of the oldest in the United States! We discovered this Colonial-era gem on our way to New Hampshire and didn’t have time to eat or sleep there. But we did tour the inn, formal gardens, carriage house, schoolhouse and gristmill. There’s no charge for tours, but donations are accepted….