Visiting Southern Missouri – What Is There to See? (1)

    11/07/12 •

    …Some people only know Missouri for two cities — St. Louis and Kansas City. Yet there is a lot more to Missouri than those two places. The southern section of the state has many attractions, both with interesting towns, and stunning natural sights. Here’s a look at some of what the southern part of…

    Missouri Hick Bar-B-Q near Cuba in Missouri: Tasty Platters of Meat Await

    12/11/15 •

    …While camping near Cuba, Missouri, we asked our campground managers to suggest a place to eat. Without a second’s hesitation, the friendly ladies sent us down Old Route 66 to Missouri Hick Bar-B-Q. Inside a cozy, rustic, barn-like building, we savored the tastiest platters of slowly smoked beef and pork imaginable. Meats are…

    Missouri's DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge: 200,000 Artifacts on Display

    11/02/16 •

    …The cargo of the sunken paddle-wheel steamboat Bertrand, on display at the DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge near Missouri Valley, Iowa, provides a fascinating snapshot of life in the steamboat era. The Bertrand sank 20 miles north of Omaha, Nebraska on April 1, 1865, while heading up the Missouri River to newly discovered gold…

    American National Fish and Wildlife Museum in Springfield, Missouri

    8/21/15 •

    …The American National Fish and Wildlife Museum was the main reason we decided to take a short vacation to Springfield, Missouri. This impressive attraction is as fun as it is educational. We couldn’t believe the wide range of interactive exhibits packed into two floors, including a large aquarium… a walk through a forest……

    Clark County Mule Festival in Missouri: Mule Polo Does Indeed Exist

    11/07/14 •

    …Festivals don’t come much funnier than the Clark County Mule Festival outside tiny Kahoka, Missouri. Organizers entice the notoriously stubborn critters to compete in any number of games and contests, like mule polo, musical tires and the famous pantyhose, coon hunter and Dolly Parton races! You can bring your own horse or mule…

    Ha Ha Tonka State Park, Missouri: Hikes Include Bridges, Tunnels, Caverns, and Sinkholes

    7/25/16 •

    …the walls remain. You can hike or drive to the ruins, where the view of the lake and spring is breathtaking. A visit here is truly a memorable experience! Ha Ha Tonka State Park is in south-central Missouri, south of U.S. Highway 54 and Lake of the Ozarks and 30 miles north of Lebanon….

    Hiking, Fishing, and Boating at Niobrara State Park, Nebraska

    9/04/12 •

    …While traveling in our RV along the Missouri River in northeastern Nebraska, we took the advice of a friend and camped at Niobrara State Park, near where Lewis and Clark made camp during their epic trek. Our friend was right — this is truly a lovely place. Situated among rolling hills at the…

    5 Picture-Perfect Towns Lost in Time

    11/14/13 •

    …home to the Museum of Missouri, the State of Montana’s Museum of the Northern Great Plains, and The Montana Agricultural Center. Old Fort Benton and Homestead Village offer immersive looks into the history of the area. The Fort has rooms filled with period pieces. Homestead Village takes you back to a 1900s community complete with…

    Columbus-Belmont State Park in Kentucky: A Little-Known Bit of Civil War History

    10/03/17 •

    …I found a little-known bit of Civil War history at Columbus-Belmont State Park, atop a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River in Kentucky. In an effort to stop Union ships, Confederate troops here stretched a huge chain across the river, anchored on each side by massive earthworks in Columbus, Kentucky and Belmont, Missouri. The…

    George Rogers Clark Memorial in Indiana

    10/11/17 •

    …As we meandered along backroads to Missouri, my husband and I found a classic monument in Vincennes, Indiana — the George Rogers Clark Memorial. In the visitor center, we watched an excellent 30-minute video that explained Colonel Clark was the older brother of famed explorer William Clark (of Lewis and Clark fame). He…

    Giant Springs State Park, Montana: One of the Largest Freshwater Springs in the World

    4/23/15 •

    …The crystal-clear spring (above right) is beautiful, as is this entire area. The spring empties into the Roe River, which runs only 201 feet before flowing into the mighty Missouri River. That makes the Roe the world’s shortest river–it’s in the Guinness Book of Records. The 25,000-square-foot Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center,…

    Rogers, Arkansas: Admire Turn-of-the-Century Architecture

    7/29/13 •

    …want a day of leisurely shopping or a perfect spot to explore nature’s wonders, you can find it all right here. If You Visit… Rogers is on U.S. Highway 71, 204 miles northwest of Little Rock, just south of the Missouri-Arkansas line. For information about lodging and other area attractions, check out the Chamber of…

    Daisy Airgun Museum in Rogers, Arkansas

    9/03/13 •

    …to Olympic competition rifles. We came home with two Buck BB guns for our sons, so they can start making their own memories. Rogers is on U.S. Highway 71, about 20 miles north of Fayetteville, just south of the Missouri state line. The museum is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday….