Red Wing, Minnesota: Shop Antiques and Watch the Boats

    12/21/13 •

    …For our 40th wedding anniversary, my husband and I enjoyed a relaxing weekend in Red Wing, Minnesota. It was one of the best weekend trips we’ve ever taken. A town of about 15,000, Red Wing is nestled on the banks of the Mississippi River. It’s named after the symbol of the Mdewakanton Dakota…

    Spam Museum in Austin, Minnesota: Dedicated to This One Cultural Icon

    2/22/14 •

    …I’d venture that almost everyone’s heard of Spam luncheon meat. In fact, Spam is so popular that there’s now a museum in Austin, Minnesota dedicated solely to this American cultural icon. The museum is 20 miles from where I once lived, so my husband and I stopped in while visiting relatives. It turned…

    Ancient Petroglyph Site in Southwestern Minnesota: A Prehistoric Holy Spot

    9/19/13 •

    …I found a mysterious petroglyph site in southwestern Minnesota that’s definitely worth a visit. Archaeologists believe that the Jeffers Petroglyph Historical Site was a holy spot developed around the same time as the pyramids in Egypt and Stonehenge in England. And like those sites, there are more questions here than answers. The petroglyphs…

    Pipestone National Monument, Minnesota: Birthplace of the American Peace Pipe

    12/16/16 •

    …When we became full-time RVers, my husband and I discovered Pipestone National Monument in Minnesota. We recently revisited this unique place and enjoyed it even more. Nestled on the north edge of the town of Pipestone, the monument’s quarries are considered the birthplace of the Native American peace pipe. For centuries, Plains Indian tribes…

    Palisades State Park, South Dakota

    12/02/13 •

    …a great time biking on winding roads, roasting marshmallows and taking part in the campground’s organized weekend games. We also explored some of the area’s colorful history. Legend has it that Jesse James holed up in a nearby cave in 1876 after a Minnesota bank robbery went awry — and then, with a posse nipping…

    Kumback Lunch in Perry in Oklahoma: One of the States' Oldest Cafes

    11/16/17 •

    …When we travel between our summer home in Minnesota and our winter home in Arizona, we always stop at the homey Kumback Lunch in Perry, Oklahoma. Established in 1926 by a big-hearted soul named Eddie Parker, the Kumback is a fixture in this pretty prairie town, founded literally overnight during the famous 1893…

    For Rock Hounds: Blue Points Amethyst Mine in Northern Ontario (5)

    9/18/14 •

    …reach Blue Points Amethyst Mine, turn north on #5 Road North. Then turn left after crossing the railroad track and go about 2 miles–watch for the signs. The mine is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily from mid-May through mid-October, except when Lyndon’s hauling amethyst to Minnesota. For more information, call 1-807-472-4460….