Things to Remember While Going for Line of Credit Loans

    8/14/19 •

    Tips To Know When You Decide To Use Personal Short-term Lines Of Credit Did you know there actually is another option for quick short-term financing along with payday loans, title loans and installment loans? All of those three loan types are good options in their own way, but a personal line of credit might be…

    Why Mom Was Right About Loans

    4/01/19 •

    living costs you more than you can afford. What I Learned About Loans Understanding the True Cost of Loans The problem with loans is that, it’s never just the amount of the loan that you need to pay back. It’s the interests that keep on adding up, the savings you could be making, and in…

    Mortgage ETF: Hoping That People Pay Off Their Loans (1)

    1/01/15 •

    A mortgage ETF from Barclays launched a while ago amid concerns that the sub-prime mortgage market was in disarray. The iShares Lehman MBS Fixed-Rate Bond Fund (MBB) provides exposure to mortgage-backed securities. These securities are essentially, “bonds that represent a claim on the principal and interest from the loans, and tend to pay out a…