Improving Remote Operating With the Microsoft 365 Tools Utilization

Microsoft Office 365 backup solution

Remote operating is something of a hot topic because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Anyone who thought working from home was an easy life, walking around in their pajamas and enjoying leisurely lunches probably experienced a rough awakening after being pushed to alter the kitchen table into an office or transform the bedroom into a meeting room.

With blurred boundaries between home and work, adapting to this new arrangement, from online video calling to the growing threat of cybercrime, requires time, patience, support, and innovative technology access.

The remote workers are desperate to have more than just a laptop/computer and a fast broadband connection for efficient work from home. To work together safely in a remote environment, they need access to the proper Microsoft 365 tools.

Nevertheless, these tools alone are not enough due to the fact that businesses need to engage in appropriate business-focused technical skills to unlock their potential.

Let's begin with Microsoft Teams as one of the Microsoft 365 suite of products, apps, and services that can ease remote operating.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams enables remote collaboration and information sharing over the Internet, and is fully integrated with other valuable Microsoft 365 services such as Skype, SharePoint, and Yammer. Convenient features include:

  • Chat
  • Documents
  • Teams and channels
  • Meetings
  • Live Events
  • Phone system


Yammer is well-known as the “Facebook of the Corporate World”. This corporate social networking tool provides three main benefits that can forge the home experience for remote workers:

  • Build an online community on a scale throughout your organization
  • Share and use the knowledge that is inherent in your employees
  • Involve decision-makers and staff in the scope


This handy digital notebook allows your employees to record everything in one place with easy access, making physical note taking a thing of the past. With OneNote, remote workers can:

  • Take notes or record audio on a PC or mobile device
  • Sketch or write ideas on a tablet
  • Add cell phone pictures
  • Find notes right away
  • Feel free to move messages (reminders) across the page
  • Organize the pages into sections
  • Store parts in one or more notebooks
  • Transfer the devices and take them where they left off
  • Share notebooks with others so everyone can watch and contribute at the same time


SharePoint is an intuitive document management and collaboration tool utilized by businesses of all sizes to tenaciously organize, store, share, and access information on any device. It is not just pieces of paper and filing cabinets that are outdated when it comes to storing and accessing documents; the folder somewhere on the server now starts to look a bit old-fashioned too, thanks to SharePoint.

Some of the features of SharePoint include:

  • Externally share files and content with people inside and outside your organization
  • Content management features to help you organize and manage content using libraries, directories, metadata, record management, and retention policies
  • Team pages that provide space for predefined user groups to view and collaborate on content, data, and news
  • Communication pages for sharing and communicating messages through organizations with customizable, dynamic sub-pages
  • Mobile applications to give users access to the intranet, team pages, and content on iOS, Android, and Windows devices
  • With the creation of alerts and workflows, the business processes are automated
  • Search functions that help relevant people and important content


One Drive is a Microsoft cloud storage service that lets you automatically store all your essential files in one safe place and access them virtually anywhere on any device.

The benefits for your employees are appealing, and here is why:

  • Access updated files anywhere on your mobile device, tablet, or computer
  • Access the selected files without being online
  • No matter if the machine crashes, still the files and photos are safe
  • Access all of their OneDrive files in Windows 10 without taking up space on their computer
  • Store and scan notes and documents in the cloud using a mobile device
  • Save files and photos with an added layer of protection in OneDrive Personal Vault
  • Sync documents saved in SharePoint to work offline
  • Move essential documents to SharePoint
  • Allows you to share documents with external organizations – not recommended in the long run as it may have security implications


By enhancing and improving the workflow with the presented Microsoft tools, the business will begin to flourish in no time. But Microsoft has its own limits, especially when it comes to backup Office 365. The Office 365 backup solution from Microsoft is not what you can expect.

Today, multiple third-party vendors offer Office 365 backup solutions. Still, the masters of IT are mainly suggesting this Office 365 backup solution as your ideal partner in keeping up the crucial files safe and secure.

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