5 Best Softwares for Creative Freelance Workers

Have a creative hobby that you want to turn into a side hassle? Or need a bit of a boost for your current outlet? Whether you are an amateur photographer or an aspiring video blogger, there are tons of helpful services and softwares out there.

As not to leave you stranded in the ocean of various programs for creative freelancers, we'll be throwing you a sort of a lifebuoy ring – a list of nifty softwares that will help you turn your little hobby into a lucrative business. All these programs are courtesy of AMS Software, a company almost two decades in the business of helping artistic people in their endeavors. Let's meet softwares that will help you unleash your inner artist. 


If you are an aspiring video editor or a blogger having a YouTube channel that could use some visually impressive content, then Clipify is for you. This easy-to-use video editor does not require much time to master. With it, you can turn hours of footage into a thrilling movie: cut and crop your clips, glue the best moments together, speed them up and slow them down. 

Besides, you can throw in spectacular special effects for a stunning look of your movie – make your video look vintage, add sparks and glow, or use other 160 options. Apart from that, you can add title cards and captions to make your video look like a bona fide flick. 

If you want to go fancy, then take your green screen video and add a new background to it. Go with your own or opt to use the program's library of footage. Don't go searching for the perfect soundtrack either, because Clipify has a built-in collection of 200+ tracks. And once you're done, you can upload your movie straight to YouTube or save it as a video for TV, mobile devices, or social media.


If your side job is photography, you need reliable software that would be easy and relatively inexpensive. This is what PhotoWorks is. The AI-driven image editor has all the tools a newbie might need, along with a few features that pros will definitely enjoy. With this program, you can fix the tone, color balance, dynamic range of your photo or a batch at a time. 

You can crop with smart presets, reduce digital noise, give artistic flair with hundreds of filters and 3D LUTs. If your principal field is portrait photography, you'll love PhotoWorks' automatic portrait retouch module that will give you a natural-looking result in a matter of seconds. Apart from these nifty tools, the software also offers you features like a background remover, Radial and Gradient filters, a watermarking tool, image overlay features, and odd objects removing instruments – and that is only to name a few. It doesn't matter what camera you shoot with – PhotoWorks support over 450 RAW formats.

Photo Calendar Creator

Professional calendar making is quite a niche, which means that you will have very little competition. Bring your calendar ideas to life with Photo Calendar Creator. With this tool, you'll be able to make calendars of almost any format that your clientele desires: wall, desk, pocket, etc. 

You can customize your trackers to your heart's desire – change the month style or any other aspect of the grid, add photos of your choice to the calendar, assemble them into collages, decorate them with frames, cliparts, and whatnot. Most importantly, you are able to create your own lists of important dates and events and highlight them in the grids (along with hundreds of national holidays). The coolest thing however is that you can decorate these highlighted cells with photos of the celebrants. Apart from calendars, this software lets you create monthly or weekly planners that you can accommodate for various purposes, from meal planning to gym practice planning – depending on your client's needs.

Photo Collage Maker

If creating photo collages is your passion, then this program is for you. Coming equipped with 370+ templates and grid layouts, this software allows you to make collages, photo books, greeting cards, and invitations. You can create themed artwork like baby or vacation collages, Christmas and Halloween postcards, wedding or party invitations, or family-themed photo books, or just put your clients' favorite photo into a jumbled college just for fun. 

You are free to decorate pictures with filters, masks, frames, cliparts, and captions, move pictures around, resize, and rotate them. All these actions are easy to perform thanks to the program's intuitive interface. So you'll have a pro-looking collage or poster in just a few minutes. After that, you can save it as an image or print it for your clients right away.

Business Card Maker

This software is two-fold: with it, you can either create impressive business cards as a side hassle, or you can design business cards for your side hassle. Either way, you'll get access to 550+ templates that you can customize as you see fit. Change the background, add a picture or a logo, pick the text style and size, change the elements' positions of the card. To create a business card, simply type in your data or import it straight from Excel. This software also allows you to make double-sided cards, as well as gift and discount cards, or badges.

So you see, AMS Software has a tool for just about every creative output. And the best part is that all of these softwares come with a free trial, so you could have a look at them for yourself completely risk-free. So give a try to any of its products to see how beneficial they can be to your freelance activity. 

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