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If you're an information technology professional, wouldn't you be tempted to check out a blog with a press release that started with this: “The most quoted technology analyst on the Internet has a new Web home, and he invites all IT professionals to stop by for a chat.”

Well I couldn't resist so I checked out Rob Enderle's new blog with the hope of finding something interesting in his more recent posts. Sure enough, it seems like Rob's seventh post is one worth reading. In he discusses how people should assume that everything they write can and will be traced back to them. The idea is that if you always assume that there's no such thing as anonymity, you will always take care to not write anything you'll regret in the future.

Not a bad suggestion. As a blogger, establishing your identity can help establish trust with your readers and I recommend that anyone writing a blog as a professional should use their real name. I also suggest that comments in forums and on other blogs also be credited with your name. You'll likely save yourself a lot of trouble if you're forced to consider your words twice knowing that your name is going to be attached to them.

Several months ago I wrote a post on this site that I quickly retracted. It wasn't particularly harsh compared to some of the other writing out on the web, but it commented on a situation that could've caused me trouble with my employer. One of the main reasons I retracted it was not that I changed my mind about the correctness of the post, but rather because it had my name on it. Would I have retracted my statements if they were anonymous? I can't say for sure.

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