4 Important Tips When Choosing a Video Editing Software

Finding a good video editing software can be difficult, and it isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Not only are there so many different options out there, but there are many different types of editors that are designed for different classes of users.

To help make it a little bit easier to choose a video editing software, there are a few important tips that you should know:

  • More expensive editors aren’t necessarily ‘better’ for you
    It is best not to assume that the more expensive the editor the better it will be for you. The most expensive video editing software are designed for professional video production, and may contain lots of features that you don’t need and will probably never use.

    To add to that they will assume a certain degree of experience and expertise, and beginners will find the learning curve prohibitive.

  • Identify what features you do need
    One step that can help you to start quickly eliminating options and figuring out which software will fit you best is to identify the features you need. That is especially true if you have specific requirements, such as multi-track editing, advanced audio editing tools, 360-video support, and so on.
  • Take advantage of free trials when available
    If an editing software you’re interested in has a free trial available – you should take advantage of it. While it is true it will delay your final decision, at the end of the day nothing beats actual hands on experience with the software that you could potential be purchasing.

    All said and done it is better to delay your decision and try out the free trials of several different software, than to jump in blind and make a purchase that you regret later. Just be sure to research the free trial offer and make sure it doesn’t have strings attached.

  • Remember that you can always upgrade later
    Keep in mind that just because you’re buying a particular video editing software right now, that doesn’t mean that you have to use it for the rest of your life. For most beginners it is far better to start with a basic and relatively cheap editor, and then upgrade to a prosumer or professional editor later if necessary.

    Some users may find that they don’t really have any need to upgrade, which is fine as well. That is especially the case if the editor you start with already has a wide selection of features, and for example Movavi Video Editor for Mac (https://www.movavi.com/mac-video-editor/) is one that fits that bill.

Make no mistake choosing the ‘right’ video editor will still require quite a bit of research on your part and it can be time consuming. If you want to jump in straight away however you could find a good free trial offer that you can use right off the bat, while you also look at other options on the side. That way you won’t need to delay that much, and can start editing your videos sooner rather than later.

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