How to Download Youtube Videos and Convert it for Free

Are you looking for an easy way that you can recreate your downloaded videos for better viewing? Various websites offer free conversion services such that you can easily recreate your downloaded video as you per your preference. All that you need is a good internet connection and a device for converting the videos, and you will be good to go.

Steps on How to Download and Convert Youtube Videos for Free
There are different websites which are available for converting the videos for free, and one of these websites is Look up online and find a good site that you can use to convert your youtube videos without incurring any costs.

Qualities of a Good Video Converter
A good video converter should be easy and fast to use with the modern browsers. This gives you a chance to use different sites to get your videos.

Have a high speed in converting the videos.

Should be free. Meaning no registration required.

Should give unlimited free conversions and downloads.

Should be used directly without a need for software installation.

Should also support a wide range of video portals.

Steps to Follow
Once you have clicked on the platform, search for the video that you want to convert using the URL. Note that if you don’t know the URL of the video, you can search using the title and the name. For example, if you want to convert Love yourself by Justin Bieber, Type “Love yourself by Justin Bieber you will be presented by a list of different options of videos on the page, then click on the video that you want to convert.

Select the format to use
On the page, you will see an icon that has format options. So, click on the icon and choose the type of format that you want to use on your video. If you want to change the video to MP3, MP4 or WMA, click on it and it will load automatically.

Click start
Click on the format that you want to change the video to and then click start. The video conversion starts immediately you click on the start option. The time of the conversion period depends on the length and the features of the video. This means that some videos may take less than an hour and others may even take more than an hour. Another thing that determines the time it will take for the video to convert is the type of the format you are using.

Click OK
Once the video has completed downloading, you will be notified with an icon that requires you to click OK to accept the video that has been converted.Once you click OK, you will also be provided with a link download of the converted video. Well, it is that easy and quick.

As long you find a good and reliable video converting site, it is quite easy to convert your youtube videos and audios according to your preferences and needs. Make sure the site that you choose has the above-listed traits for easy and fast performance.

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