New Mexico

    Monarch Butterfly Photography Tour in Mexico: A Natural Habitat Adventure (1)

    2/18/15 •

    …Nature is at its most magical when animals in the millions, without the means to communicate, all perform the same action at the same time. How else could you describe the monarch butterfly which en masse make their way from Canada to the mountains of central Mexico and cluster together on the same…

    Mesilla, New Mexico: Historic and a Colorful Regional Flare

    5/30/15 •

    …We’ve visited New Mexico often. But my husband and I somehow missed picturesque Mesilla until recently, when an RV park owner steered us that way. Many of the village’s adobe buildings near its central plaza date to the 1850s. In fact, the historic building that houses La Posta de Mesilla restaurant once was…

    Mystery Stone Near Los Lunas, New Mexico: Hike to This Hidden Wonder

    12/25/15 •

    …The Mystery Stone near Los Lunas, New Mexico is a hidden wonder — almost too well-hidden, I grumbled to my husband as we climbed a trail. No one knows who chiseled the 216 characters on the 80-ton boulder, or when. Some scholars speculate it’s thousands of years old, while others believe it’s a…

    Photographing Monarch Butterflies Overwintering in Mexico

    2/17/15 •

    …I took a trip to Mexico in February in part to see the monarch butterflies in their overwintering homes. I went to 3 sanctuaries in the mountains around Mexico City: El Rosario near Angangueo, Chincua also close to Angangueo, and Piedra Herrada close to Valle de Bravo. They were all worth visiting and I’m…

    Smokey Bear Historical Park in Capitan, New Mexico: Home To Smokey the Bear

    10/07/15 •

    …Smokey Bear Historical Park in Capitan, New Mexico is a tribute to the most beloved symbol of forest fire prevention — and the actual resting place of the real Smokey. The U.S. Forest Service chose a bear to illustrate its fire-prevention program in 1944. Six years later, a 4-pound cub was found after…

    A Detailed Guide to Pet Iguanas (Iguanidae)

    6/11/13 •

    …if you install a direct water line and drainage system. Note: The following spiny lizards have no distinguishing English names. Spiny lizards Sceloporus poinsetti (Baird and Girard, 1852) Total length: 10 inches (26 cm). Head-torso length: 5 inches (12 cm). Distribution and Description: From southwestern North America (Texas and New Mexico) southward to central Mexico….

    Need a Reason to Travel? How About 54 of Them!

    1/25/14 •

    …Fe are led by knowledgeable guides in Old West garb. Visitors can learn a few crafting tricks-of-the-trade in village workshops near Kerala, India. A popular activity in Bern, Switzerland, is embarking on an educational city treasure hunt. You can dive for real treasure in sunken pirate ships off the coast of Mazatlan in Mexico….

    Aquarium Plant Database (222 Plants and Counting)

    3/21/17 •

    …Not Specific Stem Plantaganaceae Bacopa Stem width: 4-5 cm (1.5-2 in) Moderate Africa Madagascar Bacopa monnieri Easy Medium Not Specific Stem Plantaganaceae Bacopa Individual stem width: 3cm (1in) Medium Cosmopolitan Pantropical and Subtropics Bacopa salzmannii Moderate Medium Not Specific Stem Plantaganaceae Bacopa Stem width 2 inches Fast South America Southern Mexico to Paraguay Bacopa serpyllifolia…

    The Comfortable and Charming Historic Gage Hotel in Marathon, Texas

    11/23/16 •

    …Mary Jon B. restored it to its original glory. I stayed in the Los Portales addition, where rooms boast impressive doors made of aged mesquite salvaged from Mexico. I enjoyed relaxing in front of a roaring fire in my room’s fireplace. Marathon is on U.S. Highway 90, just west of where it crosses U.S. Highway…

    Complete List of Tropica Plants

    7/20/16 •

    …the more experienced with quite large aquariums. It has been sold under the name “Paniculatus”. 20 – 30+ Low Low High South America Echinodorus cordifolius ‘Fluitans' A comparatively fast-growing Echinodorus from Mexico, suitable for large aquariums reaching 20-50 cm long leaves and a 15-30 cm wide roset. Unlike other round-leafed varieties of the species, Echinodorus…

    Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas: Full of Secrets Waiting To Be Uncovered

    6/14/16 •

    …Mountain range. The ocean that once covered the area evaporated millions of years ago. But it left behind a 400-mile reef that stretches north all the way through Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico–it’s one of the world’s best preserved. Most of the reef remains buried, although you can see fossils on exposed rock in the…

    Like No Other: Homosassaga Springs Wildlife State Park, Florida

    9/10/17 •

    …floating observation platform, called the “Fish Bowl,” which gives you an underwater view of the endangered manatees, along with turtles and thousands of colorful fish that swim freely between here and the Gulf of Mexico. Not all of the 210-acre park’s residents live underwater. From boardwalks and winding, unspoiled nature trails, we also saw black…

    The Big List of Barclays iShares ETFs

    8/09/13 •

    …Japan ETF EWJ 0.54% $10,375,423 353 MSCI Malaysia ETF EWM 0.54% $994,730 55 MSCI Mexico ETF EWW 0.54% $1,282,540 27 MSCI Netherlands ETF EWN 0.54% $258,874 24 MSCI Pacific ex-Japan ETF EPP 0.50% $4,312,356 177 MSCI Singapore ETF EWS 0.54% $1,966,288 37 MSCI South Africa ETF EZA 0.70% $837,633 48 MSCI South Korea ETF EWY…

    Best Places to Retire in the World (15)

    9/16/16 •

    …there are other compromises I’m not interested in make e.g. living in the boonies. As for Mexico, just read the news for why it was tossed without much fanfare. That left Central and South America. Now we’re getting somewhere! Within Central America, Guatemala goes out because of safety concerns. Belize has just 340,000 people which…

    Drive the San Juan Scenic Skyway in Colorado

    11/22/16 •

    …United States where four states meet, is about 43 miles southwest of Cortez. The park is on U.S. Highway 160, at the borders of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. Located on Navajo Nation land, it’s open year-round. To find out more, call the Navajo Parks and Recreation Department at 1-520-871-6647 or log on to…

    Florida Everglades Bird Pictures (2)

    2/16/14 •

    …away in Florida Bay or the Gulf of Mexico. But by far the most magnificent feathered creature in the mangroves is the roseate spoonbill, a wading bird whose bright ping plumage brings a joyous glow to the swamp.” Although I saw all of the birds mentioned above, I didn’t always manage to get a good…