Helen Village in North Georgia: An Unexpected Touch of Bavaria

    11/22/19 •

    Lederhosen and dirndls are always in style in quaint Helen, tucked alongside the Chattahoochee River in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. With its cobblestone alleys, old-world architecture and wonderful gemutlichkeit (“good life”), Helen provides an unexpected touch of genuine Bavaria — with no passport required! This charming village’s transformation into a German village…

    Sapelo Island, Georgia: More To See Than You'd Expect

    3/23/21 •

    Folks who whiz through southern Georgia’s McIntosh County on I-95 don’t realize they’re just minutes away from a fascinating destination: Sapelo Island. One of my all-time favorite places, Sapelo is the fourth-largest link in Georgia’s chain of beautiful barrier islands, separated from the mainland by sounds, rivers and marshes. I don’t know anywhere else where…

    Spectacular Colors of Providence Canyon, Georgia

    7/09/19 •

    …in the hills; locals call it Georgia’s “Little Grand Canyon”. A 3-mile looping trail with 20 breathtaking overlooks took us to the canyon floor, where we found caves sheltering beautiful wildflowers. Lumpkin is where U.S. Highway 27 meets State Highway 27 in southwestern Georgia, about 37 miles south of Columbus and 16 miles east of…

    Swamp Survival in Georgia, USA (6)

    8/21/20 •

    In the American South, bordering Georgia and Florida, lies swampland that is the domain of snakes and alligators. How could anyone last 7 days here alone? Les Stroud, Survivorman, takes on the challenge of showing us what to do in this challenging wilderness. His adventure starts off by being blindfolded and dropped off somewhere along…

    Learn Something New at the Jefferson Davis Memorial Historic Site in Georgia

    3/31/20 •

    Like most people with a casual interest in history, we always thought the Civil War ended in Appomattox, Virginia, when General Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses Grant on April 9, 1865. But as we learned during an accidental visit to the Jefferson Davis Memorial State Historic Site in Irwinville, Georgia, it effectively ended…

    That Natural Beauty of Rome; Georgia That Is

    9/07/19 •

    All roads do not lead to Rome… Georgia. But they should! My husband and I knew this friendly community is considered one of the South’s best small towns. And after visiting, we agree wholeheartedly. We were amazed at the variety of things to see and do–historic attractions, cultural events and recreational activities galore. But what…

    Tour the Augusta Canal National Heritage Area, Georgia (1)

    5/26/20 •

    Augusta, Georgia is probably best known for the Masters Golf Tournament. But a recent trip to the Augusta Canal National Heritage Area revealed its less-known history as a manufacturing center. In an interpretive center housed in a cavernous old cotton mill, I learned how the city’s 8-mile canal was built in 1845; it’s the nation’s…

    Fire Ant Bites: First Aid When Bitten

    4/12/18 •

    Imported red fire ants overrun the majority of Southern United States, from Texas and Oklahoma to Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. Each year, they expand farther north. Nearly 40 percent of people in fire ant-infested areas get stung each year, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. Fire ants are extremely territorial insects and…

    The Opossum Capital of the World: Clay's Corner, North Carolina (1)

    6/26/18 •

    …in far western North Carolina, a few miles south of where U.S. Highway 64 meets State Highway 141 and roughly 10 miles north of the Georgia state line. To learn about Brasstown’s John C. Campbell Folk School, visit Brasstown’s John C. Campbell Folk School Clay’s Corner (11005 Old Hwy. 64 W; 1-828-837-3797) is open daily….

    A Taste of Appalachian Culture at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina

    5/02/17 •

    …Old Highway 64, just south of where U.S. Highway 64 meets State Highway 141, about 7 miles southeast of Murphy and roughly 10 miles north of the Georgia state line. The school is open from Monday through Saturday and Sunday afternoons; the History Center is open whenever classes are meeting. For more information, call 1-828-837-2775….

    Project Management Institute (PMI) Definition

    8/07/22 •

    Established in 1969 and situated outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, the Project Management Institute (PMI) was founded by five volunteers. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania USA issued Articles of Incorporation for PMI which signified the official inception of the organization. During that same year, the first PMI symposium was held in Atlanta, Georgia USA and had an…

    Aquarium Plant Database (222 Plants and Counting)

    10/19/19 •

    …Stem width – five inches Moderate North America USA – Massachusetts to Texas Ludwigia sp. ‘Rubin' Easy Low to Very High Red Stem Onagraceae Ludwigia 4 inches Fast Unknown Unknown Ludwigia x lacustris Easy Medium Red Stem Onagraceae Ludwigia Stem width 2 inches Fast North America Scattered locations from Rhode Island to Georgia Lysimachia nummularia…