Essex, Connecticut: A Quintessential New England Village

    2/02/16 •

    When it comes to charming towns, one place instantly comes to mind: Essex, Connecticut. First settled in 1645, Essex is the quintessential New England village with its brick sidewalks, white picket fences, antique shops and boutiques. I love looking at the beautifully restored Colonial homes that fill the town. And since it’s located on the…

    Clyde's Cider Mill, Connecticut: The Only Remaining Steam-Powered Cider Mill

    11/05/18 •

    While traveling through Old Mystic, Connecticut, my husband and I ran across B.F. Clyde’s Cider Mill, the last steam-powered cider mill in the United States. Benjamin Clyde established the mill back in 1881. Today, his great-great-granddaughter, Annette Miller, uses an 1897 screw press to produce up to 500 gallons of cider per hour in late…

    Relive Your Childhood at the New England Carousel Museum in Bristol, Connecticut

    3/03/19 •

    All kids love a merry-go-round, and I was no exception. So when my husband and I found the New England Carousel Museum in Bristol, Connecticut, we practically galloped right in. Housed in a renovated factory, the museum boasts one of the country’s largest collections of antique carousel pieces. We admired prancing steeds of all kinds….

    Raspberry Picking in Connecticut: Why Not!?

    9/25/20 •

    …so off I went last Saturday as early as I could muster in the morning. Knowing that the trip from New York to the White Silo Farm and Winery in Connecticut would take about an hour, I expected to arrive well before noon. Perfect timing I figured to avoid crowds and the worst of the…

    Aquarium Plant Database (222 Plants and Counting)

    10/19/19 •

    …Asia Thailand Didiplis diandra Moderate Medium Not Specific Stem Lythraceae Didiplis Individual stem width: 2-4cm (1-1.5in) Fast North America United States Diodia virginiana Moderate Medium Not Specific Stem Rubiaceae Diodia Stem width 2.5 inches Moderate North America United States: Connecticut to Texas Diodia cf. kuntzei Moderate High Not Specific Stem Rubiaceae Diodia stem width 6…