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Bonaire wasn’t a big food destination for me — I went for the diving. Breakfasts were covered by the B&B I stayed at and I was typically happy with a sandwich for lunch and dinner. Toss in a dessert from Cultimara (see below) and I was pretty much all set. Still, I did end up at a few restaurants and I’ve written about them below. There are plenty of additional options that I didn’t make it to.

Pasa Bon Pizza
This pizza place had near universal support from everyone I spoke to on Bonaire. Everyone seems to like the pizza and lasagna. I tried both and I have to agree that they’re good. But I’ve also eaten at a lot of pizza places and had a lot of lasagna over the years. While Pasa Bon was good, I wouldn’t say it’s memorable compared to what you’d get in a big city like New York.

Note that reservations are highly recommended. During one of my visits, I heard the owner mention that no more reservations for the night were being taken. That was at 5:30 pm.

El Mundo
A restaurant on the main strip in town. The menu has a little of everything including a Bonairean stew. Other dishes are influenced by South American cooking styles, but you can also get Italian-style pasta.

Elle’s Deli
A smallish deli shop with good sandwiches. It’s a good option if you want something for in between dives AND have a cooler in which to keep it.

Cultimara Grocery Store
Great produce, meat counter, dairy, and bakery. Perfect to buy a few items and make sandwiches for snacks, light lunch while diving. Also has a liquor store along with wine and beer. There’s parking outside the main entrance, but there’s also a parking lot in case it’s busy. In hindsight, I would skip other bakeries/groceries and just come here even though it was more of a drive from my B&B.

Hato Market Bakery
Small shop with limited selection and some baked goods (i.e. bread, buns). Not quite what I’d consider to be a bakery and a few visits on different days resulted in no purchases.

Lover’s Ice Cream / Sumiran-Javan Food
The menu is small, but eclectic. On the one hand you have several flavors of ice cream. On the other, you can get curry chicken. Despite the strange combination, this is a good place for lunch or a simple dinner. I recommend the chicken with rice.

Lilly’s Ice Cream & Coffee
A solid selection of ice cream and conveniently located in the main part of town.

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