Republish Old Posts for WordPress

Real-Time Find and Replace Plugin


The Republish Old Posts plugin, inspired by the now defunct and no longer available Old Post Promoter, helps revive old posts by resetting the publish date to the current date. This will push old posts to your front page, the top of archive pages, and back into RSS feeds.

Why would you want to do this? Here are a few reasons:

  1. New visitors to your site haven't seen your old content. This will help them discover it.
  2. Old content won't show up in date-based searches on search engines, but resetting the date can make them look fresh again.
  3. People like to share and link to new content and they determine that by looking at the publication date.

This ideal for sites with a large repository of evergreen content.



This plugin is straight-forward to use, but I have a few recommendations:

  • Consider republishing content that is at least 90 days old. You don't want to upset current users by making them see things they'll remember they've seen before.
  • A randomness interval can make the republishing seem more natural. Not mandatory, but those with tinfoil hats may appreciate this feature.
  • The frequency of republishing should depend on how much content you have. The more you have, the more frequently you can republish without running into a situation where you run out of old content.
  • Review your posts for those that shouldn't be republished. This includes those that are date specific, not really content (like forms), are that just aren't worth republishing. Filter these by category or using the custom field available in the pro version.

Pro Version

The pro version of this plugin has a number of features worth pointing out. These features include:

  • Additional minimum intervals: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 days, 3 days, and 7 days.
  • Additional randomness intervals: 12 hours and 24 hours.
  • Additional post age options: 120 days, 240 days, 365 days, 730 days.
  • Ability to filter out any posts of your choosing so that they are never republished. This provides more fine-grained control than just selecting a category.
  • Choosing whether a random post or the oldest post that otherwise meets the criteria should be republished.

Before you buy, please note that:

  • You are required to buy one (1) license per site/domain. Additional installations on ‘localhost' do not require a separate license.
  • Due to high demand, the price has been recently increased despite what it may say elsewhere. The price is subject to change in the future.
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  1. I'm sorry for asking this question, but I do not speak English and I want to know what the function of the field is: Randomness Interval (added to minimum interval). And what difference does it make: Post Age Before Eligible for Republishing.

    • The randomness value will add a random amount of time to when the post is republished. So if you have it set to republish every 24 hours and put in a randomness interval of 1 hour, then the republishing will have every 23 to 25 hours.

  2. Hi

    We have many posts on our blog which provide details about religious events and International Days (for example World Health Day).

    Currently these have all been published on the appropriate date.

    We would like them all to be reposted at exactly the same time every year and preferably at exactly the same time of posting. They all share the same Category (called International Days).

    Could you tell me if this is something your plugin can achieve?

    Many thanks,


    • No it won't. The plugin assumes that the oldest post the meets the criteria is the one that should be republished regardless of when it was originally published.

      • Ok. Thank you for the quick reply Marios.

      • Hi Marios,

        If I purchased the Pro version could I use the Post Age option (365 days) to trigger a yearly republish?

        So there may be 1 - 3 World Health Day posts which were published on the 7th April 2016. These posts would be in the International Days category.

        Only posts the which should be repeated would be in the International Days category.

        Would that work?

        Or are you saying that once the trigger date is reached then they will keep republishing from that day onwards and not only on the 7th April?

        Many thanks,


        • The plugin looks for posts that match the criteria you've specified and continues to republish as long as posts meet the criteria. If you exclude certain categories then you can restrict what posts will match. The yearly republish is based on 365 days so during leap years things will drift a day.

  3. Plugin has stopped working. We have the latest version

    • I have to assume that another update is now causing a problem. I haven't changed the plugin recently so it shouldn't just stop working without something else having changed. Did you make any other updates?

  4. Hi,

    I'm interested in using this plugin as a way of re-publishing posts on a very specific schedule. Each post would need to be reposted at *exactly* the same time every week (i.e. no randomness interval). Can this plugin do that? I would like to just set a 7 day schedule for each post and then let it run on it's own. Willing to buy the pro version if it can do that. Thanks.

    • The randomness can be set to 0, but there's a chance that the publishing time will drift. And there's currently no way to specify the time to republish so you're kind of stuck with whatever time the plugin is first activated.

  5. Can this plugin be recoded so that I can keep auto reposting the same post? I have a post that I want auto reposted daily as it has an API that pulls in new content daily.

    • You could try assigning this post to a category to which no other posts are assigned. Then exclude all other categories from being republished.

      Or use the title match field so that only this particular post is republished (assuming it has a unique title).

      • Thanks, I will give that a try.

      • The "Post Age Before Eligible for Republishing:" is set a 30 Days. I need this to be like under 23 hours. Would I have to change the code to enable that?

        • You can change the code as you see fit. Or save yourself the trouble and buy the pro version :-)

  6. Hi :)
    Republished posts won't trigger push notifications. In this case I'm using one signal plugin. Do you have any solution?

    • What's a push notification?


        Those notifications you see on corner of desktop:

        • Thanks for the explanation. That's not something I've worked with before so I'm not sure what would be needed to get the my plugin to work with that other plugin.

      • Ok, thanks anyway Marios. I will get help from onesignal team, I will let you know the result, thanks man :)

      • Hi Marios :)

        Here is their reply:

        This post works by changing the post date of a post. Our WordPress plugin is not compatible with this plugin because we detect changes in a post's status. As long as a post status does not change, we cannot pick up the post changing. Sorry, but Republish Old Posts is incompatible with OneSignal.

        You will most likely be able to find another plugin that does what you need. I also looked at the Pro version description, and it does not change the post status, so you will have to find another plugin.

        • Their explanation makes sense.

        • Yeah, so you can make compatible your plugin? Because it's not about their plugin, not possible to use any push notification plugin for this :)

        • It's possible, but I doubt I'll get to it anytime soon.

    • You can't add it till 1 month later? :(

      • You think it's possible till that time Marios? I hope you can.

        • I don't understand what you mean.

        • I mean, can you make compatible your plugin to push notifications till 1 month later?

        • I'm not actively working on any updates to the plugin. I meant it's technically possible, but I don't know when I'll make the updates.

  7. I create new Name: field rop_ignore What goes into value field?

    • By default the value you would put is TRUE to indicate that the post should never be republished. However, from the setting page you can change that value to be anything you want e.g. YES. You need to settle on a value beforehand so that you don't have to update things afterwards.

  8. Is there a way to set a custom frequency for eligibility to be republished? I have a 4 week workout program so I need every 28 days if possible.

    • Since you're a user of the pro version I'll add 28 days as an option. I'll release an update later today or tomorrow. You should get a notification within WordPress when the update is available.

  9. Hi there, we are looking for a solution that allows us to re-post NEW blog posts on a hourly basis. We have built a buddypress community and we are looking for ways to keep the activity stream engaging and current - just like your facebook feed sometimes includes the same post on refresh we are looking for a way to re-target certain items in the activity stream so they re appear.

    We have enabled site wide tracking so blog posts are included in the stream but they may quickly become lost as the stream is a live feed of site and community activity.

    We think your plugin is quite a close fit for making this possible - any suggestions about how we could make it work?

    • There may be a combination of settings that will suit your needs, but off-hand I can't be sure. What you've described is very specific to your particular setup.

  10. Which version of PHP does republish old posts? On my server were versions of PHP 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4. switched off. The current version is PHP version 5.5.38 nmm2.

    • I don't test against different versions of PHP. No one has complained about PHP version issues yet.

    • Hi of Marios. Uses the tool cronjobs on the server? Must be cronjob on the server enabled or approved?

      • Cron isn't needed.

  11. A question before purchasing: I have 3 years worth of daily posts. I would like to cycle through the 3 years of posts, posting daily. Is it possible to do this with the pro plugin? If I set a post for January 1st 2017 will it repost on January 1st 2020?

    • You set up criteria for what posts qualify to be republished, but then this plugin will select a post from those that meet the criteria. So the post chosen may be the one republished exactly 3 years ago or it may be another one that meets the criteria.

      • Is there a way I can select 3 years to be the criteria? Looks like the limit is 2 years.

        • Your are correct. 2 years is the current limit.

        • Can I change it to 3 years editing the plugins code? Any instructions on this? Also, when the post is republished, will it be sent to RSS feeds for a daily RSS email to my subs?

        • The code is editable, but I don't support changes made by others. Also note that your changes will be overwritten if you upgrade the next time I put out a new versions.

        • Is there anywhere I can make a feature request for a future release? Such as the 3 year condition?

        • I've done custom work for others, but most people aren't willing to pay much for my time. If you email (support at infolific dot com) me with what you'd be willing to pay, I can tell you if it's worth my while.

  12. Hi Marios,

    Awesome plugin, thanks. My posts are republishing as they should but I have a problem with my backup plugin "Updraftplus." It doesn't perform scheduled backups and says the reason for it could be because my Wordpress scheduler might not be working... So in troubleshooting this, can you tell me if "republish old posts" uses the wordpress scheduler to republish posts? Thanks P.S. I know the problem is not related to your plugin.

    • The scheduler isn't used by the Republish Old Posts Pro plugin.

  13. Hi, according to the change log at 1.7 there is the option in the pro version to republish a post that is 1 day old. Is that correct? The screenshots doesn't show the option for a 1 day old post and when installing the free version there also isn't a greyed out option for 1 day that says it's only in the pro version.

    • Yes there are now options for 1 day, 12 hours, and 6 hours.

  14. Can the pro version update the publish date on pages instead of posts?

    • The pro version still just works with posts and not pages.

  15. I'm looking to reschedule exactly one year later (January 7, 2016 12:01 republishes January 7,2017 12:01). I've tried the free version and it was pretty random. I need it to be precise, because the posts are designed for each of the 365 days, give or take Leap Year Feb 29.

    Will this do what I need?

    • No this plugin won't do what you're asking.

      • Thanks for your quick reply! My quest continues....

  16. Hello, I recently purchased the Pro version and never received a license key. I paid 2 days ago and was wondering when I can expect to receive it. Also, how would I go about adding the license key to the plugin on Wordpress? I don't see an option.

    Thank you.

    • Your order was stuck in a "pending" state. I've corrected it and you should've received your license now. Sorry about the delay.

  17. I have bought the PRO and not even one post is being reposted????

    • Have you changed and SAVED the settings to make sure at least one post qualifies for republishing? What is your republishing + randomness interval and did you wait that long?

  18. I recently bought the Pro version of this plugin and for some reason I cannot get it to work. Do you know of any specific plugins that may be conflicting with this plugin? I tried setting the minimum interval very low and it seems like it is not working at all. Please help!

    • I don't know of any specific conflicts. Can you confirm that there are posts that are old enough to meet the criteria? For example, if you've indicated that posts need to be at least 120 days old then nothing will be republished until there's a post that is that old.

      • Yes, I have posts that are 5 years old that should be publishing. What I did was create a category for all the posts that I want to republish, then flagged each of those posts with that category. Then I excluded all categories except that one. Would that make a difference?

        • Ah yes, that's the issue. If a post is in a category that's excluded then it will be excluded. The plugin selects all the posts that qualify and then asks "are any of these posts in a category that's excluded?"

          I have included a feature that allows you to override this behavior, but it's a little cumbersome to use. How many posts are you looking to allow to be republished?

        • OK...then how do I force those posts labeled with that category to publish? In the Pro version there is a code to put in a custom field, but I don't know how to do that.

        • 1. Go into the post edit screen.
          2. Scroll down the page until you see a section called Custom Fields.
          3. Click on Enter New.
          4. Put in "bte_opp_ignore" as the name and "true" as the value.

          For other posts, you may be able to select the field from the drop-down rather than having to type it in each time. The value should always be "true".

          If you have a lot of posts, test the above with just a few to make sure it works as you expect before you spend too much time on the process.

        • Thank you! I'll give this a try!

  19. hi I just need to constantly rotate posts on sites that have evergreen content - will your plugin do this and turn around a single post from the back to the front every 24 hours?

    • Yes that's essentially what this plugin does.

      • What I would like to achieve is the post is recycled taking the oldest and re posting as new complete with time date changed to reflect that?

        I have installed the basic version though there is no way of running a test to see if it actually works other than just waiting. I understand you are saying that is 'essentially what it does' but I need to be 100pc sure, paying is not an issue the solution is paramount to me.

        Many thanks

        • With the plugin you specify the criteria for which posts to consider for republishing. Then one of those is republished at an interval that you also specify. To me it sounds like what you're describing is what this plugin does. I could be misunderstanding and so I recommend trying the free version first. Testing, as you said, would mean waiting.

        • Just been watching it over the weekend I like it a lot, works perfectly well - Only issue is the parameters - Idearlly I want to recycle a post 1 x each 24 hours taking the oldest post within say 4 days old (hard to explain why but thats what I need)

          I have no issue in paying for it if it can do this Marios as I can see it works perfectly.

        • I don't have a 4 day interval option at this time.

        • Thank you - I will most likely use this as a premium version, I just need to calculate the volume of posts needed to but I would guess four days will more than ok for about 30 entries - But having tested the product I am pleased with the performance and how it actually does what I need

  20. I think the plugin is not good. When install start republishing it uses most resources of the server and server got down. Totally destroyed my server.

    • The plugin doesn't use much in the way of resources as far as I can tell. Do you have it set to republish frequently?

  21. Hi, I have purchased your plugin and trying to test it. I think it needs a feature that will show republish button in edit post or page of dashboard, that meant when user want to edit post there can be republish {right now button}. I hope you can consider that update asap. I need that button so please do this. It can help me.


    • You can achieve this just by changing the post/page date and time to the current date and time.

  22. Can you set the cache to refresh more often or to not cache feeds at all?

  23. Is the PRO version of this plugin "Republish Old Posts" a one time-purchase or is it monthly?

    • One-time.

      • Great!

  24. Is it waterproof and how deep?
    When I installed the plugin it worked for approx 30mins than it stopped.

    • How often were you republishing posts? And did any of the posts qualify based on the age criteria you specified?

  25. I really need the functionality of this plug and am willing to pay for it, but so far my testing of the free version shows it not working for me at all.

    I do not use categories and instead have a custom post structure for real estate listings where instead of "posts" I have "properties" but they do not seem to rotate as expected..

    Can you help?

    • If the free version doesn't work it's not likely the pro version will either. The core functionality is the same between the two, but the pro version gives you much more control over what qualifies for republishing and over the republishing schedule.

      • so do I understand correctly that the pro version will allow me to republish my custom post types?
        I need them to rotate, and ideally every 24 hours or so.

        • No the pro version won't republish your custom post types since the free one doesn't. If the free one doesn't do it, the pro won't either.

  26. I'm using your pro version of Republish Post. I installed it on August 9th, 2016.

    When it reposts things, it always republishes the date on 8-9-16. Why?

    • That's not the way it should be working. The republished date should be whatever the current date is at the time of republishing. Does this happen on both of your sites?

  27. I have a site for a daily pinch of motivation and would like to post the contribution posted 365 days ago, now newly. Always min. 2 post are newly posted at my settings.

    For the future is that I have also gaps during the daily posts. How do I this?
    Somehow I do not understand the Zufallsinterval also.

    • Set the minimum age to match that age of the posts you want to republish. If the posts are all in a single category you can exclude all other categories from republishing.

      • I use only one category, however, post the plugin 2 old posts at the same time.

      • The plugin published still 2 posts per day. There is also only one category. What am I doing wrong?

        • Can you email me a screenshot of your settings? Or, would you be willing to let me log into your WordPress admin? You can email me directly at

  28. How can I set a maximum age. I'm blogging since 2006 and don't want to repost articles from 2006 - 2014 only 12/18 months old posts. Is there a way to do this?

    Thx a lot.

    • I don't have that feature yet in the plugin, but it's a good idea. I can see a lot of folks being in that position. Or even some users setting the date specifically to keep something from republishing.

  29. Just a note on a conflict I found with another plugin...

    The plugin "404 Redirection" by causes Republish Old Posts Pro to stop re-publishing posts.

    I noticed this yesterday after installing the 404 Redirection plugin on my site. Nothing had re-posted for several hours. I have it set to re-post every 15 minutes. Once I disabled the 404 Redirection plugin, the re-posting began again without any problem.

    • I just tested this plugin and republishing continued as expected. The 404 Redirection plugin is just 7 lines of code so there isn't much to conflict with. My error logs were clear of any entries as well. Do you have a development site where I could log in and look around?

      • Nevermind.... I think I found the problem.... I only have 114 active posts on the site currently. The rest are scheduled posts. And I had ROPP set to re-post every 5 minutes with the age set to 1-day, so in calculation, it would have re-posted all of the posts over the past 13 hours. There are simply no more posts left over a day old for it to re-post, so it has stopped for now.

        I guess I just wasn't expecting that.

        Your plugin just works too well. :-)

        • Phew! I was getting worried that I couldn't reproduce the issues you were having. Thanks for letting me know.

  30. Hello,

    Are you able to have another new criteria?

    Like keyword in article title that will force republishing.

    For example, say I were to type apple. Any existing articles with the keyword 'apple' in the article title will be republished.

    If you could do that, I will definitely purchase 5 more copies!

    • That's an interesting idea. A few questions for you...

      1. Will you choose just one word/phrase?
      2. When a keyword/phrase is specified, does it meant that no other articles are considered for republishing?
      3. Do the category exclusions still apply?

      • Hello, thank you for the prompt reply.

        1) just 1 word.
        2) yeah no other articles will be republished.
        3) it will be good if the category exclusion can go together. However, it's optional.

        Thanks! :)

        • Check out version 1.8 that I released today. I believe it does what you've described. Thanks for the good idea!

  31. Hi, just wondering why the republished posts are not showing up in the RSS feed. The first one did but every other post has not. Any suggestions to make this happen?


    • Your feed should automatically pick-up any post that has a recent date. Are you using anything to cache your feeds? Or are you using a third-party service like Feedburner?

      • Yes I am using Feedburner...

        • One thing I've seen with Feedburner is that it doesn't update frequently. Try going to a category page where a post has been recently republished and append /feed/ to the end of the URL. Look for a republished post.

  32. What about different intervals for different custom field values?

    • That could get tricky quickly since each setting could be customized for each custom post type. Not a bad idea though.

      • This is very important for classified ads promotion.
        I'm ready to pay.

        • You're ready to pay for a license or for custom development?

        • What's the difference?
          I need advanced plugin for 3 domains, inter alia 1 multisite

        • Three licenses is just $30 which isn't much for custom development. I'll add your request to my list, but I probably won't get to it for some time.

      • Let me know when it's done

        • You'll get a notification in your WordPress admin when there's a new version of the plugin. But please don't wait for this update. It could easily be months.

        • OK. I now pay for one license, with hope for the desired update.

        • Just to be clear... Your purchase of a license won't have any impact on my implementing the feature you're looking for. I work on my plugins when time permits as they are not how I earn a living.

  33. This is my website ( and this is my facebook page -

    Kindly tell me during this re-publishing of my old posts, whether it will look like as it was originally posted with the featured images, short description, etc. as it is being published for new-posts by WordPress?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • The republished post will look the same as if you updated the date to the current date. It'll reappear on your home page and at the top of archives.

      This plugin doesn't interact with Facebook.

  34. This is a great idea to rewrite your old posts ,as a result it will make your posts SEO friendly and will keep your blog/domain away from Google Panda update Penalty. I do this once in awhile, I thought about going through some of the older ones that I believe would be helpful and plan to reschedule them or post them as newer blog entries. You should change the date to latest date..but don’t dig and bring the oldest article because the user may think you are lagging behind better to update the previous date.

    Also, Interlinking old posts within the new articles will play a major role in proper indexing of those articles. It works most of the time. These old posts have good page rank, so we can share the page rank to other new posts. This will increase the SERP ranking also. I think Related posts and putting them on the sidebar is the best option to get them noticed.

    Really this post will be of great help to make the blog look and behave like a website so that the good content remained evergreen. Thanks!

  35. If it actually changes the published date to appear like a new post then why doesn't it trigger my social auto poster as if it's a new post? It ignores it.

    • The updating of the date triggers an update event not a publish event. Your social auto poster plugin is probably listening for publish events only.

      • Thanks for responding, but that sucks! :-)

  36. "More options are available in the pro version (just $5)" Now I access to purchase it and it costs 9,99$. When I purchase it will you make a charge of 15$?

    • Sorry, but I was doing some price testing early on. Your version of the plugin must still have the old documentation. If you were to download the current version or read the documentation on you would see the current price so the messaging is now consistent everywhere.

  37. Hi, Marios! I'm really excited to use this plug-in and have purchased the Pro version but how do I install the info to get it to work? Thanks so much!

    • After your purchase you should've received an email with a license key and a link to download the plugin. Download the plugin, unzip the files, and upload the files to your plugin folder. Once uploaded, activate the plugin and the choose the settings that make sense for your site.

      Note that from this point on upgrades can be done from within your WordPress plugin admin page. It's just the initial version that needs to be "manually" installed. If you run into complications, let me know.

  38. 你好,请问中国用户怎么购买这个插件?

    • All purchases are made through PayPal. There have been buyers from all over the world.

      • 你好,已经购买此插件,请问怎么使用呢?英文说明看不懂啊,谢谢!

        • Once you activate the plugin, go to the settings page and specify the conditions for which you'd like posts to be republished. When a post meets the conditions, the date of the post will be updated to the current date.

  39. Hi,
    Sorry about the confusion.

    Can I change the Eligibility to be Published early. for ex: earlier than 30 days.

    This will help me to republish old post faster weekly or daily.

    Thank you for the quick replay.

    It would be nice, if you guys did this but for social media too. twitter, facebook.

    • As far as I know you can use this plugin for social networks:

    • I'll be adding some more options to the existing drop-downs in the next pro version. Should be available in a day or so.

      As for the social media idea, it's a good one, but I'm trying to keep this plugin focus on particular functionality. Adding social media support is beyond what I'd like to include. And I believe there are plugins that handle publishing to social media already.

      • Dear: Amir Emami, Marios Alexandrou.

        Thank you, for the comments

        Amir Emami:

        I did try that plugin. I don't really like it. It would be nice to have one plugin that can do everything you need. There are no to many plung out there.

        Marios Alexandrou

        Thank you for the update. I hope that someday you would do it.

        • You welcome, Unfortunately there is not a single solution. Another one you can try is:

  40. Hi
    Can you please provide changelog for pro version in admin panel section?

    What is new in 1.6?

    • I'll think about how to do that in a useful way.

      As for 1.6, there is now a new option to randomly select the post to republish when multiple posts meet your criteria. Prior to 1.6, the selection was always the oldest post that met the criteria.

      • Thanks a lot for your super fast reply :)

    • The changelog should now be visible from the plugin admin screen when there's an update available.

      • Thanks Marios, and thanks for sending me the file ;)

  41. Can Postage Before Eligible for Republishing? could be hours or less then 30 days!

    • Sorry I don't understand what you're trying to say. Can you provide some more information?

  42. Dear Marios,
    Is it possible to change the minimum intervals to 5 minutes for example?
    I kindly wait for your response.


    • I can add a 5 minute minimum interval option. Is that the interval you want? Any others?

  43. So does republishing an old post hurt anything as far as placement og Google and search? What if I have an old post that is on first or second page of Google but it is older and I want to republish it? Will this mess up anything related to searches or how google has indexed the post?

    • I don't see how republishing can hurt anything with Google, but of course no one outside of Google can say for certain. Logically Google shouldn't penalize you for putting a post back in front of users if the post is otherwise of high quality. One effect I have witnessed repeatedly is that changing the date bumps the post up in results that are date-based. So if someone does a search for stuff publishing in the last x days, a republished post has a better chance of appearing vs. one that is older. This can result in additional exposure as some people, when deciding what to link to, will favor a post with a recent date.

      Just to be clear, I'm not promising that any of this will happen.

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