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WordPress allows you add extensions only on posts, but having extensions on pages can be helpful too. So if you're moving to the WordPress platform, but want to have your pages use extensions like .html, .htm, .jsp, or any other, this is the plugin for you.

The primary motivation for adding extensions to pages is so that when migrating to WordPress, your site's URLs don't change. As you may know, a change in URLs can result in a decrease in visibility in organic search engine listings which is never a good thing. If, instead, you're starting a site from scratch with WordPress, you likely don't need this plugin.

Unlike other similar plugins, this one allows you to choose the extension with no pre-determined options. And you can change it anytime. This is particularly handy if you manage multiple sites since you can use the same plugin on all of them. In addition, I've found that a lot of the other similar plugins haven't been updated in a long time so there could be deprecated functions in use that could ultimately lead to errors on your site.

The Add Any Extension to WordPress plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress repository.

If you have any ideas for additional functionality or encounter any problems with this plugin, please contact me through the plugin's support page. If you find the plugin useful, please consider leaving a review.

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