Batch Download Pinterest Photos from Multiple Boards


People put a lot of work into their Pinterest boards. I know of no other site where images are so well curated with the resulting albums (boards) so full of high quality photography, drawings, and infographics. If you're like me, you're interested in archiving these great finds on your computer so that you don't have to dig through Pinterest over and over again (Pinterest' image search functionality isn't so useful). Well now you can!

I'm introducing the Pinterest Photo Downloader. A tool that, given a URL to a board, will download the first 50 images from that board. Or, if given a search string will extract the boards returned and then download the first 50 images from each of those boards.

If you'd like to use this free service, write a comment below with the list of boards you're interested in or a search term you'd like to use. I'll e-mail you back with a link to a zipped file with your images. Once a request is fulfilled I'll delete the comment to keep things from getting cluttered.

Having Pinterest downloading!

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