Rabbit Pictures

Rabbits are common in the areas I frequent; second in number only to squirrels. If it wasn't for their preference of coming out at dusk, I suspect I'd see more of them than I do of squirrels. They also make decent subjects for pictures. Unlike most other animals, rabbits don't run away as you approach. Instead, there's a small window of opportunity where they'll freeze in what I suppose is their hope that you won't notice them. Once you do get too close though, they'll switch tactics and scurry into the nearest bush.

The first rabbit picture here was taken while walking along a paved path along a highway. The second picture is from a hike in Joshua Tree National Park. At the time I was getting a little nervous about getting back to my car before the sun set yet still stopped to chase a rabbit long enough to take a shot.

Rabbit Hiding in the Grass
Rabbit Hiding in the Grass
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