Patzeria Perfect Pizza of New York

Patzeria Perfect Pizza

One of the joys of being in New York City is being able to enjoy delicious pizza by the slice at a low price. Patzeria Perfect Pizza is located at 231 W 46th St. between Broadway and 7th Avenue. I discovered this little pizzeria while visiting NYC; after stepping off the Greyhound at Port Authority after a long night on the road, I was starving. Patzeria Perfect Pizza was nearby and already open at 7 in the morning on a Sunday. This place is also open very late as it turns out; Friday-Saturday you can get pizza at 1 in the morning! Since it's conveniently close to Broadway, that means you can get a slice after a late night show lets out.

The place isn't eye-catching inside; the entryway is under a nice awning, but it's definitely a hole in the wall. There are five stools and a bar to eat at and no dining room, so it doesn't necessarily get top points for atmosphere. Then again, it's New York, and half the fun is finding out that some seemingly unremarkable little holes in the wall are sometimes top-notch restaurants. Such is the case with Patzeria Perfect Pizza.

Are there cheaper pizzas nearby? Certainly — you can find pizza for under a dollar a slice at a number of locations down the street, but the slices at Patzeria are much better and still very affordable. Pizza by the slice options include Neapolitan Pizza Slice (cheese pizza), Sicilian, Grandma Pizza (fresh plum tomato sauce, fresh garlic, mozzarella), Lasagna Pizza Slice (exactly what it sounds like!), Vegetable, White 3-Cheese, and Fresh Tomato & Basil (a personal favorite). Slices start at $2.75 each and run as high as $4.25. Considering a slice or two is all I need to constitute a meal, the prices were reasonable to me.

You can also order a full size small or large pizza. The same choices are available for full size pizzas as for pizzas by the slice. These are honestly a bit expensive, but they are still very tasty. Several sides are available as well including French fries, mozzarella sticks, zeppoles and garlic knots. There are also desserts including chocolate cake, miniature and large cannoli. Soda or Poland spring water is available to drink. You can also start out with a soup (three bean chili, Pasta Fagioli or the Soup of the Day) or house or Cesar salad.

So does Patzeria Perfect Pizza get top marks for price or atmosphere? Definitely not — there are cheaper pizzas around and also nicer establishments in terms of décor and comfort. But don't be deceived by appearances; the food is amazing, and the location is ideal. This place is within easy reach of Port Authority and the subway and also right next to the Broadway shows. You might think that quality would suffer in the middle of the tourism hub, but in this case you'd be wrong. Next time you're in the area, be sure to stop in for a tasty New York slice!

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