Outdoor Spas of Pagosa Springs, Colorado

While on a recent trip to the West Coast, we traveled through Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We arrived in town about noon and discovered a natural hot spring in the center of town.

We've been to other outdoor spas, but this one is very well developed with dressing rooms and showers. The spa is along the San Juan River (below) and convenient to other activities.

The spa was so inviting, we decided to soak in the tubs for the rest of the day. It cost $10, but it was well worth the price.

The smaller tubs held about six people, and a larger one accommodated about 15. We soaked in and out for about an hour, went out for a bite to eat, then came back for an early evening soak under relaxing mood lights.

Although we didn't have any plans to stay in Pagosa Springs, it was definitely one of the highlights of our trip.

Pagosa Springs is in southwest Colorado along U.S. Highway 160, about 60 miles east of Durango.

For more information on to the Pagosa Springs Chamber of Commerce call 1-800-252-2204.

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