Video Call Etiquette for Effective Virtual Meetings

The popularity of virtual meetings is increasing due to the growth in technology. They have proved to be more convenient and lead to better attendance. Although they are popular, they have some setbacks. Most attendees face distractions outside of the meeting.

Some people tend to multitask and focus on other issues while attending meetings. Etiquette is a key aspect of virtual meetings. Attendees should stay focused throughout the meeting. They should maintain respect for everyone and show they value the meeting. It encourages professionalism and boosts productivity during meetings.

How to effectively conduct video meetings

When working with remote teams, it is harder to hold face-to-face communication. With the right tools, you can hold a successful virtual meeting. An online work meeting cannot be successful without proper preparations. Follow these steps to ensure success.

Prepare in advance

You need several tools to make your meeting successful. Make sure you download and install virtual conferencing software. Ensure your internet connection is strong. Make sure you are connected to a working microphone, speakers, and a webcam.

If you are using your Mac to attend a virtual meeting, accessing the camera can be a challenge. It is easy to enable the camera on Mac and use your Mac's camera for a video conference. Check if your app has permission to access the camera. If not, go to settings and enable the camera on Mac. You can also check for tips on how to allow access to camera on Mac and use it in your work meeting. Once this is done, we have the necessary tools for the virtual meeting.

Create an agenda

Prepare an agenda for the virtual conference. Communicate it to everyone expected to attend. Communicate the meeting protocol too. Share the starting time, topic, and main speakers.

Share the link

Anyone without the link cannot join your video conference. Make sure you share the link with everyone. Ask them to confirm attendance. Share the rules including the video conferencing etiquette to follow.

Minimise total attendees

It is harder to conduct professional conferencing with many people. It is better to organise several meetings each with fewer people.

Make the meeting short

Long meetings might make people bored. It might discourage attendance in subsequent conferences.

Consider time zones

If your members are in different time zones, consider a time that favours everyone.

Do's and don'ts of virtual meetings

When you bring people in a video conference, team etiquette is important. It helps to keep everyone focused and engaged. Take note of the do's and don'ts to observe to keep your meeting productive.


  • Keep time. Be there before time to make sure you are connected and ready to start on the.
  • Share resources in advance. If there are files you need to share or other information, do it in advance.
  • Pay attention to your dress. If you need to be in official dress, do so. If it is not mandatory, dress appropriately.
  • Take care of your background. Make sure your background looks nice. Let it not attract unnecessary attention.
  • Mute yourself. If you are not the one talking, mute your microphone. Minimise background noise as much as possible.


  • Avoid multitasking. Multitasking only creates distractions during meetings.
  • Avoid interrupting others. Let everyone have a chance to speak and share their ideas. It keeps the conference engaged.
  • Don't get late to join. Do not wait until the last minute to join. Technical issues might rise.
  • Avoid inviting unnecessary people. They might make other members uncomfortable. Their contributions might not add much value.

Tips and rules to follow during virtual meetings

Video conferencing etiquette is a key factor for success. It creates room for effective communication with your virtual teams. Pay attention to these video conferencing tips.

  • Maintain professionalism. Attendees may want to share their unique ideas. Each idea matters but maintain professionalism at all times.
  • Create order. Allow everyone to share but let there be order. Be the leader and let the attendees know who will speak next.
  • Record notes. You cannot keep track of what each member says unless you record it.
  • Greet people. It is important to say hi to the team if it is your first time to speak. Introduce yourself and let the members know who you are.
  • Prepare to attend. Read the files and resources and be ready to play your part. Read the meeting etiquette tips.

Mistakes to avoid in a virtual meeting

  • Failure to acknowledge mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes but if it happens, acknowledge it.
  • Not having a backup plan. Technology might fail but if you have a backup plan, you can quickly connect back.
  • Not participating. Failure to participate might show a negative attitude. Your contribution is important.
  • Not being visible and audible. Make sure members can hear and see you clearly.


Professional conferencing can be successful with good planning. Team etiquette should be given attention and members should observe the do's and don'ts. Be punctual and ensure your device is working perfectly.

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