Tech Trends: Top-Rated Family Tracker Apps

Currently, Android Mobile apps are advancing and becoming more personalized depending on the users need. Individuals globally are appreciating the power of interactive mobile apps that bring about connections through the use of the mobile phone. The different apps have crucial roles, and tracking apps that have captured people's attention.

As parents can now keep track of their children or families while traveling effortlessly around the world. In other words, mobile tracking apps act as a suitable way to keep tabs on your family's location. The article will provide you with the best rated mobile tracking apps. Be sure to do your research and read reviews at Be sure to do your research and read reviews at to know which apps are compatible with your phone. to know which apps are compatible with your phone.


It is a tracking device that gives details on the history of one's location. The app has several features that make it possible for you to access crucial information related to the person you're tracking. Also, it is easy to set up and use as it has a web-based dashboard that is user-friendly and accessible from any device. One of its rich features is the capability to know one's real-time location update and accessibility to essential data through the browser history and photos. Hence, you will be aware when your children are up to something.


It is one of the most appreciated and used GPS tracking apps on Android. The app is advanced and has some fantastic features. For instance, offline functioning without the internet, information about suitable places to park, which are affordable, offers options for alternative routes and speed limit purposely for safety measure. However to acquire even more impressive features you have to pay to unlock the version.

Google Maps

It is one of the best tracking apps; it enables you to navigate and find locations easily and fast. Also, it allows you to find out about the best destinations by providing relevant information. Also, the apps reviews and ratings are reliable.

Life 360

The app makes it easy for family members and friends to keep track of each other. For instance, you can add circles and groups for your family to be able to identify their current and previous locations. The app is enriched with a feature that makes it able to sense a crash and send emergency messages. The app allows you to invite other users and hence promotes privacy.


The app stands out among other GPS tracking apps as it's the largest community-based navigation app. As the user, you will enjoy voice-based turn-by-turn navigation guide and updated live maps. You can also sync your contacts as well as add your Facebook friends. Also, you can report accidents and other hazards. Additionally, it provides information on the nearest and cheapest gas station when you want to refill.

All these apps have some different features, and the best for you depends on your needs. These apps will enable you to reach your destination safely, while others will allow you to also keep in touch with your family. Also, you will enjoy the advanced ways to navigate using your mobile phone. Download the app that is compatible with your phone and is suited to your needs.

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