Top 3 Video Editing Software To Turn Your Memories into A Masterpiece

Capturing the important moments in our life is an important way to preserve memories. Taking photos, writing journals, and holding onto keepsakes are some of the ways in which we try to hold on to the good times. Another popular way to immortalize our memories is through the use of videography.

Recording home movies or taking videos of important moments in our lives is a great way to really transport yourself back to a time in your life. Birthday parties and vacations are ways that people have been taking video to keep a part of their memories alive and well. The problem with many of these home movies is that they were recorded on old, outdated technology, and the quality shows. Now that there are smartphones and other recording technology, we can make the most out of our videos.

Beyond that, editing software is an important way to help improve the look of these videos and transform them into a masterpiece to be proud of. 

Here are the top 3 video editing software to help you do just that.

Adobe Premiere Elements 

Adobe is known for being one of the best of the best in terms of computer software. From photo editing, graphic design, and word processing, their products are amongst some of the most important for creatives. For this reason, Adobe Premiere Elements is a fine addition to anyone's computer if they want to make meaningful video edits. Not only is this program well-known, but it has a robust amount of features. The best part about Premiere Elements is that, even though it has a lot to offer, it is really user friendly for beginners.

Much of Adobe's reputation comes from the name, but even so, their products are still well known for a reason. Premiere Elements offers a lot of enticing features. One such feature is the ability to have assisted guidance as you edit videos during the editing process. So if you ever feel stuck turning those memories into masterpieces, you have some help!

CyberLink PowerDirector

Coming in hot is the CyberLink PowerDirector software, another useful editing tool. This software is known for its user friendly interface, but it also has one bonus that should be enticing to anyone looking to start getting serious with their video editing – speed. This software is known for being very smooth running, which can sometimes be a problem for big files when editing. Even if you need this software for business related purposes, you can see how speed is important for an entrepreneur. Even entrepreneurs should know the importance of cinema and the art of video, and according to, the inspiration you can gain from watching others make magic with videos can help you for your business or home needs. PowerDirector is easy to use, but great in terms of your capabilities for editing. 

Video editing software is useful for memory making, but also for business reasons, and finding something that you can really feel comfortable using is important, which is where PowerDirector excels. Utilizing the speediness of this software can cut down time exporting files or editing the content. The best software to help you capture any kind of work, memories, or just for fun, should be easy to use, but also very effective, and this program should do just that.

Sony Vegas Pro

Another good program that should be okay on your budget too. This program is really good for the amount of features it comes with. While it can take a little longer to learn than some of the others, it is one of the industry standards that even professionals use. The amount of editing potential you have for your needs are outstanding considering this piece of software is under $100 (like every other one on this list). The Vegas Pro suite is really good because of the compatibility it has with many other software programs, and the format options available. It is not as fast as some of the other options, and it can be laggy at times. Likewise, the exporting times for bigger files are not exactly desirable. The important thing to remember about this particular program is that it is really good for professional style editing, so you can turn a home movie or a marketing video into a masterpiece in no time.

Using video editing software used to be thought of as something that required serious knowledge or education in film making, but no longer. These 3 video editing software programs are perfect for most skill levels, and they contain enough features to help you turn any memories into masterpieces for whatever your needs are. From home movies to business related media, this software can help make it stand out from anything you have made before.

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