Tips to Hire a ReactJS Developer

Hello, the community! Today I would like to talk about hiring workers, or rather about the developers of ReactJS. Who are they and what should they do? Read this article and I'll give you all the tips on how to hire a qualified ReactJS developer.

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is an open source JavaScript library. It was created in 2011 and has since been supported (and used) by Facebook and several other companies around the world. React is popular for creating user interfaces (UIs) for one-hundred-year-old applications.

A distinctive feature of ReactJS is that it is component-based, it works without assumptions about the rest of the platform technology stack. This allows you to enter new features into the product without rewriting the code.

ReactJS tries to keep up with modern requirements like its “father” Facebook, so you can always find all sorts of different innovations in ReactJS.

Features of ReactJS

Virtual DOM. When creating a dynamic website for many components, it often happens that the visualization does not have time for changes in the code, which is why it is very slow and buggy. To fix this problem, there is a Virtual DOM creating a copy of the DOM. How does it work? The usual DOM is taken and compared with this “copy” considering new elements. It requires less effort and time, smoothes out rendering problems that arise when writing code.

One-way data binding. This means that all information is laid and “flows” only in one direction, which significantly improves control over the information. The data flows from the parent component to the child using the read requisites, but there is a point, the details are not returned to the parent component. This is the scheme of unilateral data binding. In addition, if necessary, the child component of the fashion to communicate with the parent using the callback function.

Components. ReactJS is built on components. Their logic is created in JavaScript, so the process of transmitting information through the program is very simple.

JSX: JSX is designed to extend the syntax of JavaScript. React components are created in JSX format. JSX is a so-called dualistic process of JavaScript and XML. It is easy in itself, so writing the components is not difficult either.

Conditional statements. The reaction is good because it is possible to use conditional operators inside the already mentioned JSX. This helps in the process of displaying data in a real browser.

Life cycle methods. There are 4 methods that are indispensable when working in ReactJS. Because all components of ReactJS have their own lifespan, they are methods that work at a certain stage. Here they are:

  • shouldComponentUpdate;
  • componentDidMount;
  • componentWillUnmount;
  • componentDidUpdate.

Skills for ReactJS Developer

  1. HTML + CSS. No developer can do without knowledge of HTML and CSS. Creating and working with user interfaces is a basic skill of any developer. In general, the advanced developer of ReactJS has:
    • knowledge and understanding of semantic HTML tags and can create new ones;
    • build and work with CSS selectors;
    • understand flexbox.
  2. In React, the developer interacts directly with the syntax extension, which is great. A feature of the ecosystem of this framework is JSX. It's very similar to HTML, you won't even notice the difference right away. In addition, if you understand and work with HTML and CSS at a high level, then you subconsciously understand JSX, so it will not bring unnecessary difficulties.
  3. Skills for working with ES6:
    • variables and scales. Variables are designed to store information in memory and access it when needed. In addition, there are now other keywords for storing different types of data, other than the standard `var`, other options are` let` and `const`;
    • arrays and objects. Status is what the user needs to see if the elements in the code that users need to use our data. All information is stored that we represent on an object called a state, and we access these bits of data through the properties of that state object.
    • array methods. A skilled developer must be able to manage data. The methods already available and in JavaScript play a big role for everyone who has worked with it at least once. To maximize performance, it is recommended to work with `.map`,` .filter` and `.reduce`.
  4. It is needed to store projects on different platforms such as GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab. Working with them involves the following skills:
    • the ability to see changes through the functions of adding, fixing, pressing and pulling;
    • branching and merging methods;
    • elaboration of merger problems.
  5. Node + npm. The node has many positive aspects. The developer does not need to know it to work with the project on the user's side. In addition, it is necessary to understand the npm register. It creates software. Simply put, npm is a cloud for well-known dependencies.

Tips How to Hire ReactJS Developer
First of all, the selection of job candidates should start with a portfolio. The projects themselves are all for the person. See if this type of work is suitable for you, ask everything you are interested in about previous projects. The more you know about the experience of a candidate, the bigger picture you will have of the developer's capabilities.

Next we will talk about the experience. An experienced programmer is of course a plus. This means that he or she is “cooking” in this area, understands the work process, what a team is and in general the various technical aspects. It's a little scary to trust a newcomer. It's a risk and of course you choose it. But it is not necessary to be guided by that: “it is necessary to give a chance, I will be the first who will give it the order and it will open”, no. It's about your project. Do you want a developer to be successful? Therefore, we include a cold mind and look for a developer with at least two years of experience.

Trends. During the live conversation, you should ask certain questions to understand what a developer has to give you. For a product to be successful in the market, people must adore it, and in order to do that, it must be easy-to-use and trendy. Following trends are the key to success. Make sure that your potential employee gets acquainted with the new React features and updates, is interested in some new methods, something new in design. There is a lot of literature, courses, blogs about trends in web development, so getting new information is easier.

In addition, ask the developer during the interview about various technical tasks to check how quickly he or she thinks and whether they understand the topic of discussion. But knowledge of only one ReactJS will not be enough. We constantly need to improve. It is very good when the developer perfectly understands JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JSX, ES6, Git, Node + npm, and Redux. During your conversation, pay attention to how the person behaves. It's about communication. Of course, the developer will have to work with other people and it is extremely important that they be able to have the correct conversation skills, without pressure to explain what is required, to accept constructive criticism. Communication is an important element in the atmosphere of teamwork.

Refer to previous customers. Yes, you can find contacts for yourself or ask the candidate for phone, mail or something else to contact previous customers and figure out some important working information. It is better to hear about the experience of working with the developer first hand. So you know exactly all the pros and cons of a programmer. But do not contact one but at least two former employers, because a negative response is possible due to a misunderstanding of each other or something like that.

Payment. Do not choose a developer based on payment for his work. Do you think choosing the cheapest you will have a good result in the end? And if the most expensive, what will happen to your budget in the end? Of course, how much money to allocate to the developer depends on the personal capabilities of each employee, but I repeat, choose a programmer based on the portfolio, professional knowledge, communication skills. Money plays a significant role. So think twice about who is right for you.

Some Famous Companies:

  1. WillowTree. The company has existed since 2008. It all started with three employees, and now the staff has 500+ people who do hundreds of projects. The company's goal: to create a high-quality competitive product, to make a “wow” effect, thanks to their skills. The company will be with the customer from the beginning to the end of the creation process (and even further!).

    The list of satisfied customers is growing at an incredible rate, and old customers are still turning back to create new projects.

  2. STRV. The company has been operating since 2004. Their philosophy is a perfect collaboration of design and code. And it really works, for more than 15 years the company has held a leading position in the market. This company, which develops web and mobile applications, offers valuable results by offering customized solutions to business problems. Their working methodology includes optimized processes, and they focus on agile practices to achieve results.
  3. Perpetual. This company uses the hottest trends in the products created. Their clients are mega large corporations and startups in various fields. Perpetual uses best practices from user experience and software development to create a great digital experience. They are also one of the best React developers in 2020.

So, in this article, I wrote about the key points in hiring a ReactJS developer. These tips should guide you in the right approach to your choice. ReactJS is a very powerful program and not everyone can afford it, so finding an advanced developer is quite a troublesome job, but finding the same one you will not regret.

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