Technology evolution in the gambling industry: the last innovations behind online casinos

Thanks to the enormous technological advances of recent decades, our lives have been revolutionized in every aspect. Think, for example, of the many e-commerce platforms such as Amazon-where we can buy virtually anything from clothes and shoes to books and home-decorating accessories-or the ability to telecommute from the comfort of our homes by having online meetings on Zoom or other platforms.

Thanks to the enormous technological advances of the past decades, our lives have been revolutionized in every aspect. Think, for example, of the many e-commerce platforms such as Amazon – where we can buy virtually anything from clothes and shoes to books and home accessories – or the ability to telecommute from the comfort of our own homes, taking online meetings on Zoom or other platforms. Moreover, it is common knowledge that thanks to technology anyone can learn new skills – free and otherwise – whenever we want and from anywhere, which can be a mountaintop or a Caribbean beach.

The world of video games and online casinos has not been excluded by this technological evolution, quite the contrary! To give you an idea of the innovations that have fostered the spread of online gambling, we have authored this article full of details about it. Next, we will see together the five technological innovations that encouraged the popularization of online gambling, apart from increasingly faster and more reliable Internet service and the launching on the market of the latest generation of smartphones.

Artificial intelligence (AI)
Like many other industries, online casino uses artificial intelligence, by employing this technology to run the necessary verifications when a player registers on the site, ensuring their identification.

They also use AI to learn more about the behavior of online casino players, in order to use these assessments to establish their tendencies and, consequently, design more attractive games for their consumers.

Similarly, artificial intelligence is employed in sports betting. Platforms that offer this type of entertainment must perform rigorous statistical analysis to calculate the odds of each sports competition.

Live streaming
Streaming is used in the live casino mode on gaming platforms. The games in this mode occur in a recording studio, with the dealer or presenter operating the table. Every nuance and movement of the dealer is captured by high-definition cameras and streamed on platforms such as Twitch, where you can quickly learn how to win live dealer roulette, poker, or blackjack.

Streaming is used so that the player receives everything that happens in the game on his device. In addition, optical character recognition technology is used in this mode so that the player does not miss any detail.

Virtual Reality
In the online casino industry, the offer is still quite limited, but we expect that soon virtual reality casinos will include a number of possibilities such as the ability to display and observe hand and body gestures, which adds an additional level of interaction and realism to the games.

In addition, the player will be able to hear real casino sounds that immerse players in a unique atmosphere, and the detailed game rooms will allow players to walk around freely and feel completely immersed in the virtual environment, creating an immersive and captivating sensation.

Software based on C++ and RNG
Gone are the days when users doubted the randomness of online casinos. Although those that are regulated have always provided it with the percentages duly indicated on their respective websites, exemplified by slot machines, nowadays they do it more precisely and securely through perfectly programmed software.

Specifically, the vast majority of online casinos make use of games that have been programmed in C++. This is a programming language that you are probably familiar with if you are a regular reader of Cloud Computing. However, there are other technologies behind the software used in these platforms.

In addition, there is another one known as RNG, which is implemented to offer users fair games, which are considered by the entities that regulate online casinos, determining that they are safe and reliable.

An RNG (Random Number Generator) algorithm can produce random numbers in sequence. These random numbers are significant in the world of online gambling and entertainment. They are used to determine events and happenings during a game you are participating in.

This mathematical program is also paramount for casino operators because it distinguishes the legality and reliability of its entertainment. Operating on the Web with a real and legal RNG system relieves the portal operator of the possibility of wrongdoing in his casino. A site that operates legally through the use of a recognized program for generating random numbers excludes the opportunity that the latter may manipulate in some way the results of the games present through the use of illegal gambling software.

Security was a significant concern when Internet casinos first emerged. Pero thankfully, things have changed quite a bit today, thanks to the fact that reputable online casino platforms use advanced technologies–such as SSL encryption–to ensure the safety of players at all times. In fact, several of these platforms use facial recognition or fingerprint technology to maintain personal and financial information privacy.

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