Exploring the World of Video Games: From Indie Gems to Blockbuster Hits

Video games are computerized visual games played on an electronic device. Most of them are colorful and interactive. A person may require a gaming pad, keyboard, etc to feel the full level of thrill these amusements can bring. Many of them involve earning points while avoiding being eliminated from the game. To satisfy the needs of everyone, game developers release their products targeted at different age groups, starting with toddlers and finishing with adults.

The video gaming industry has come a long way. Some of the earliest products appeared as early as the 1970s. They include Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Pong. Players played them mostly by installing cartridges into a game box. The controllers for these early ones were joysticks. Interestingly, some of the first ever designed video games were indies that became hits, thus revolutionizing the gaming industry.

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Indie vs. AAA

The two primary classifications in the gaming industry are indie and AAA. This classification is based mainly on finance. Like any other industry, the gaming sector is heavily connected to making profits, no matter how much money is involved in creating the final product.

Indie Games

Indie games are short for independent video amusements, meaning that they are created by a single individual or a small team. They most times require little finances.

To create an independent game, developers may create the resources themselves, but they can also get free resources online, which happens most times. That is the case because almost everyone in the modern world opts for cheaper and easier alternatives when given a chance to choose.

An independent game will require crowdfunding to raise funds. They are either financially or creatively independent. Because of this, they cannot be too financially focused. AAA companies cannot afford this feature. Independent games started becoming popular in early 2000. However, before this, AAA games dominated the gaming industry.

The independent gaming industry directly resulted from enthusiastic programmers, primarily newbies, who wanted to create something unique. With little financing, what they created didn't get enough publicity; therefore, most were unsuccessful. However, things turned around in 2013 when they began making progress.

Today, it has become increasingly possible for an independent game to break into the market and become a blockbuster hit. The advantage of this breakthrough is that it gives creative individuals with programming skills the opportunity to thrive in a competitive gaming industry.

AAA Games

They are also known as triple-A games. Major companies produce them. Therefore, a lot of money goes into these products. The development team is usually significant and consists of many experts. With a large team of developers and serious finances available, the final amusements are usually of high quality. The majority of the time, they go on to become hits.

Large and well-known gaming companies mainly produce products of this kind. Because of this, they always receive a lot of promotion and are thus highly anticipated by gamers. Additionally, such titles are profit-oriented and are mostly prequels or sequels to previous ones.

Indie Games to Blockbuster Hits

Numerous indies have gone on to become blockbuster hits. Despite intense competition in the gaming industry, they managed to find a fit. Independent programmers develop hundreds of indies each year. Interestingly, most indie companies make a good amount of profit. However, such successes only sometimes qualify as blockbuster hits.

These success stories show the possibility of small gaming studios making it big. Some examples of indies that have become blockbuster hits include:

  • Minecraft: Microsoft currently owns Minecraft. However, it started as an indie game. Minecraft is arguably the most successful indie game in history that has sold over 200 million copies;
  • Braid: Jonathan Blow created Braid in 2008. Braid turned out to be a very successful indie game. Consequently, it went on to sell over 400 copies in 2012;
  • Hotline Miami: The game Hotline Miami was released in 2012. It is one of the most successful indies ever. It went on to sell over 5 million copies;
  • Rocket League: Rocket League is another very successful game that started as an indie. When it first came out, the game sold over one million copies. Today, Rocket League is owned by Epic Games and is still very successful;
  • Terraira: This is also one of the highest-grossing indies ever. Terraira was launched in 2011 and has since sold over 40 million copies.

These are just a few of the many that became blockbuster hits. The successes of these products show that a well-thought-out and executed game will sell

Should Game Developers Remain Hopeful?

Several indies have gone on to become successful. Any programmer can create a game with modern technology and online gaming development tools. These success stories should serve as an inspiration to all developers.

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