Sample Cold Calling Phone Script

Phone Script: Outline for Effective Outbound Communications

Leaving the voicemail.

Name: Hello, I am _______________.

I am calling from: [COMPANY] a local, [LOCATION] Company founded in [YEAR].

We are dedicated to helping companies be more effective on the Web by driving greater results and efficiencies from their current Internet, intranet and extranet sites.

[COMPANY] delivers a broad set of outsourced Web Site marketing, management and maintenance services to middle market and large organizations.

In addition to its mid-sized client base, [COMPANY]'s current Fortune 500 customers include [CLIENT 1], [CLIENT 2] and [CLIENT 3].

(For Search Engine Marketing)
I am calling regarding our Search Engine Marketing program that drives qualified, targeted visitors that convert at a higher rate to your Web Site.

If You Get a Live Person.

*Build Rapport, gather information, close for a meeting.

Probing Questions:

What are you currently doing to drive Search Engine Traffic?

Are you responsible for Online Marketing initiatives?

Are you satisfied with your current traffic from banner ads?

Search Engine Marketing Stats:

  • According to an IMT Strategies Study, 46% of web users reported that search engines were their top method of finding new Web Sites. [This beats word of mouth (20%), random surfing (19%), and banner ads (1%). In fact more people 2% found Web Sites by accident 2% than by banner ads.]
  • Jupiter Media Metrix found that Search Engine Marketing in the form of pay for premium placement and pay for inclusion received the highest Return on Investment for those who track performance of Online advertising methods.

What makes [COMPANY] Different?
PEOPLE, We have industry experts in marketing and Internet technology who are up-to-date on the changing nature of the Wed. We make you more effective.

PROCESS, We are a very process driven organization; in fact one of our founders is a process engineer. This allows us to provide high levels of customer service at a lower cost for our customers.

TECHNOLOGY, We have made significant investments in enterprise level, world-class technology that allows better tracking, reporting, and analysis. This results in higher conversion rates at a lower cost.

RELATIONSHIPS, All of the things that I mentioned are important, but unless you have good, established relationships with the industry players and the Search Engines, you will have a difficult time getting visibility and being successful. Since we have spent the time getting to know and build relationships with the players, we can offer the results that our clients desire quickly and on budget!

Search Engine Marketing is the process of getting your site listed with the major search engines. We get you higher rankings and driving qualified traffic that converts at a higher rate.

I'm busy.
– “This will take about 2 minutes, if you have the time”
– “Is there a better time that I can contact you?”

Send me something.
– “What type of information would you find most valuable?”
– “If you don't mind, can I ask you a few questions to understand what material is most relevant for you?”

We have that covered, thank you.
Feel, Felt, Found Approach:
– I understand how you FEEL.
– I have heard from other clients who FELT that way as well.
– What they FOUND was once they listened to our approach and what we have done for other companies, our suite of services drove better results for them.

Probe – Tell me a bit about what you are doing?
Empathize – I understand that those programs can be challenging.
Present – What we can do is x, y, z.
Prove – Use Facts to support your statement
Close – So what time would be better to schedule a meeting?

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