Why Students Are So Keen on Social Networking

Social media are considered the biggest distracting factor that prevents students from getting good marks. But social media are the exact thing that keeps the students engaged, lets them reach new and interesting themes to learn and create amazing group projects. There are tons of materials about the harm of social media, but we consider that they are just tools that still can be used for good and help us become better versions of ourselves. So, why are students so keen on social networking?

Obviously, social media are made for people to go social. We don't spend as much time outdoors as our parents used to. But the need to talk to other humans is one of the basic needs hardwired in our brains. We may consider ourselves not outgoing at all, but almost all of us are the members of forums, image boards, chats, social media networks, etc. We can indulge in the activities we don't have in real life. We can create an international conference or write a novel, watch movies with friends and discuss them.

Social learning is a different thing from the average learning. Read more on social network and its impact on people on https://studymoose.com/social-network. Instead of relying on ourselves only, we may use the helping hands of others to figure something out together, understand a particularly hard topic or discuss the approaches and practical use of what we are doing. Lots of e-learning classes are completed with WhatsApp chats, Facebook groups or whatever else people use for talking. Such possibilities dramatically enhance the learning process, letting people create new knowledge, using all the power of their brains combined.

Access to information
Our parents had to go to the library, bother with all the tickets, cards and returns to get the right book, to photocopy (or to write down the parts needed) the right article or to listen to the right tape with the lecture or seminar. Today all human knowledge is at our service, and all we need to do is to click on the right link. Despite being a colossal junkyard Internet is still the biggest library humanity has ever created.

Moreover, it allows us to receive knowledge in real time. Add a comment to the live stream of the lecture and get it answered as if you were present in the auditorium. Reach an unbelievably busy celebrity with a private message and get an answer. Everything is possible now, no matter how geographically far you are from the people you need. You may instantly ask anyone about anything or become a part of the research going right now on the other side of the planet. All these things are possible because of the existence of the social network and the Internet in general.

Creative expression
The coronavirus pandemic crisis showed that exhibitions and art events can go online and gather even more people from all over the world. New talents emerge from the places far away from the official exhibition galleries and can show off their work wherever they are. People now can attend virtual expos and have almost the same delight of seeing the masterpieces.

Social networks are also an exhibition gallery of sorts. Behance, Pinterest and Instagram became places to show the works of art made by Internet users and appreciated by their fellow users too. The talent hunters browse these networks very carefully, giving the young artists, movie directors, and designers the chances and opportunities. Even without this possibility, social media are the perfect place for artists to gather their fans, get their audience, start projects, and release them without producers.

Like it or not, but social media are now one of the biggest platforms for people to come together, socialize, show their work and seek opportunities both in their studies, hobbies and future careers. They still can be a great distraction or even lead to social disaster if used in a wrong way, but social media are an excellent tool for people to fill them with senses and meaningful things and use them for personal development, communicating with others and creating something new and beautiful.

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