What Are The Benefits Of HTML Email Signatures?

If you still don't have an email signature, you are making a huge mistake! It is your digital business card, an essential element of your brand's image, and a powerful marketing tool that brings a bunch of benefits!

Pros Of Using Email Signatures

Let's look at some of the most significant benefits that a professional signature can grant you:

1. Marketing
If you are still wondering whether you need an email signature or not, here is a tip – this small element turns every email into another business opportunity. In simple words, it takes a company's marketing strategy to an entirely new level!

This element allows businesses to prompt recipients to make a specific action. For example, you can tell them about the release of a new product or service, invite them to a webinar, or offer them to check out a demo video. With a compelling call to action, an email signature can help you reach many business goals with almost no effort!

2. Sharing Corporate Culture
Sales and revenues are very dependent on the company's image. That is why sharing your corporate culture through such tools as email signatures is a great way to establish a professional and trustworthy image. If you do this right, you will get more engagement and loyalty from your clients.

3. Increase Trust
In the 21st century, consumers no longer want to interact with companies. Instead, they want to see real people behind those large corporations. This fact can bring businesses many great benefits if they use this knowledge right!

A well-designed signature is a sort of business card of every person. It shares contact details and personalizes your emails. Besides, there is a possibility to add a professional photo to a signature. How can this help? In brief, it will show your prospects that they are talking to a real person, which increases their sense of trust. Thus, this will make them more open for the dialogue and help you establish closer relationships with them!

4. Branding
The better you brand your business, the more revenues it will bring you – this is a proven fact. Businesses that boast of higher brand's awareness tend to win over the market and receive at least 20% more income than those companies that don't invest in branding. Thus, it is vital to make the most of the branding opportunities that come along your way, and email signatures are among those opportunities. You and your employees send hundreds of emails each week. Now, what if with every email you send one extra person discovers your business? That's how you make your signatures work for the company's branding.

Here is a vivid example to support this point: two companies offer the same product on the same terms. However, one is more recognizable than the other is. Which company will customers prefer to work with? Without a doubt, most consumers will pick the brand they have heard of because it feels safer and more reliable. This proves how much branding means for sales!

5. Replies
If your company engages in email marketing, you are probably already used to the fact that at least half of your emails do not bring you any response. However, there is a simple solution that can change this!

Specialists who add a well-designed signature to each of their emails receive at least 30% more replies. This mostly happens because email signatures draw attention and make you look more professional and trustworthy.

6. More Leads
Adding a link to a blog or a website is a must and here is why – it can significantly increase your sales conversions, leads, and traffic! Isn't that what all businesses strive for? Then don't miss out on this opportunity!

7. Social Reach
Apart from your name, contact details, logo, photo, and website link, a signature can also deliver clickable links to your personal or corporate social media channels. It gives you another great marketing opportunity! This way, you can encourage recipients to check out your pages in social networks and subscribe. As a result, you will have more followers without even doing much for this.

8. Engagement Boost
If your email signature is interactive, you can get at least 20% more engagement from your recipients! All you need is to add links or other interactive content that will help prospects learn more about you, your business, and products. Thus, you will have higher engagement and, respectively, better chances to convert regular recipients into loyal customers!

How To Create A Signature That Will Give You The Most Benefits?

Speaking of creating a well-designed email signature, most people believe that it requires either decent technical skills and knowledge or much money. From one hand, this is true. Coding is a sure way to create a great signature, and if you don't possess this skill, you will have to hire a professional and pay for their services. This often takes quite a lot of money. However, there are a few alternative ways.

First of all, numerous freelance platforms connect people with specialists who can assist them. On such platforms, businesses can order services cheaper and still get a reliable result.

Another alternative is image editor. With its help, you can design a signature yourself. There are plenty of tutorials on the Internet that will help you implement your ideas. There are only a few cons of this method – it takes too much time if you lack experience, and you may have specific issues with visibility, friendliness, and interactivity of your design.

The easiest way to solve the problem is to create an email signature online with the help of a special generator tool. Such tools are often very cheap or even free, and they have all the features you may need to create a great signature! You can add photos and links, include clickable icons, and customize your design. The best part of it is that such tools are very intuitive, which means that it won't take too long to master them and create a perfect and unique design!

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