The Secret to Agency SEO

This is what SEO agencies would like you to believe it takes to get organic rankings. (Be sure to scroll down to see how it's really done.)

But the real secret is that #1 rankings are obtained in a much more direct manner:


P.S. If you don't have a sense of humor, sorry to have wasted your time, but please click on one of the colorful icons below before you leave. If you do have a sense of humor, sorry to you too, but please also click one of the colorful icons below before you leave.

P.P.S. If you're Matt Cutts, a friend of Matt Cutts, or his lawyer, note that the MSN search team made me post this.

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  1. The first image is illustrating the complexity of SEO, but also the "1000 arguments" they use to get you as a customer :-) By the way, it took me about 5 minutes to collect all the balls ;-) Anyone faster? *lol*

  2. I don't know who the original author of the bouncing balls is. I imagine this image will be floating around for years and the creator will curse not getting his/her due :-)

    Another cool thing about it is that you can place the images side-by-side and top-to-bottom to form a larger image and the path of the balls continues to "make sense". I can't imagine how long it took to create this animate gif.

  3. I'm not going to lie. I tried to follow the path of one of those balls for a good 30 minutes with nothing to show but failure. Where'd you get that sweet .gif anyway?

  4. This would be funny if it weren't true. But the fact is people buy top positions all day long. Its how These search engines make money. its called PPC.

    However, the funny thing I did see was that the "Independent SEO with no money" was wearing like a flower head band. Now thats what makes this a classic funny photo.

    The great thing about SEO is you can buy your way to the top. You need good content on a lot of websites. Or good content on just one site that a lot of people link to. We all know all of these things can be bought. Good news about that is Google doesn't get a penny of that. The writers of your content do, the people who link to you do, and hopefully you pay your self a employee check once in a while.

  5. @Neil I can't take credit for the balls. I received them in an e-mail as part of a joke about how a particular gender's mind works. You're right that they're widely applicable though!

  6. I love the balls, I think we may see this appearing many times to describe many processes including political footballs!

  7. Brilliant stuff - A swag bag would have been a nice addition lol

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