Promoting Your Mobile App For Greater Success

Mobile app market is evolving constantly. With the world going mobile, the mobile apps give a unique opportunity for a business to truly reach out to its customers. It is a totally new channel to engage your clients and interact with them on a continuous basis. However, creating an app is not the final step in your hunt for the client. If you don't focus on promoting it properly, it will get lost in the ocean of other similar apps. Normally, promoting your product should take as much time as creating it. Don't expect it to have a miraculous overnight success, but be ready to embark on a long-term strategy and watch the process becoming easier and faster along the way. Here are some tips on how to make it work.

  • Choose the app store wisely. When you are done with your mobile app development, take the next step and add it to different app stores. Their distribution prices vary, so you may easily find the one that suits you financially. While choosing an app store it is also important to consider the regions you would like to cover since in some areas particular app stores may be more popular than the others.
  • Leverage your website. All of your customers will eventually find their way to the website of your company. Make sure they know you have an app and it should be the first thing your viewers spot. It may be done by sectioning off a part of the screen just for this purpose (the corner will do splendidly) or introducing a pop-up page as a gentle reminder. It should also contain multiple links to the app stores where your product can be found.
  • Make use of social media. It is a great place to promote your app, get the feedback and churn out important updates. Yet, it is important to avoid simple copypasting links. The trick is in trying to entertain, intrigue and even tease your audience. One of the possible ways to make yourself click-worthy is to start a community surrounding yourself with people who share the same mind. You may also launch a blog since regular updates on a specific topic will eventually make you into a niche expert with a valuable insight worth downloading.
  • Stay creative. There are dozens of ways to capture attention of the customers and hold it indefinitely. Design a unique app icon (2 colors, no text or photo, a memorable and stylish shape), feature great screenshots (lots of captions and visual elements), offer discounts (keep your users informed on the days when the prices are lower) and free trials (with the subsequent contacts to inquire if the users wish to sign up for a paid plan) or host a giveaway (raffle special prizes to those who share your app or post about you). You may also initiate a contest by urging your audience to complete a line of tasks and tag themselves with specific hashtags in social media to follow the development. And don't forget to reward the winners and publish a live stream of it. Or you can apply for an app award yourself if you feel your new application is innovative in its functionality or design.
  • Videos rule. A good promo video is a staple of a mobile app successful marketing that will increase customers' awareness and heat up the interest to the app. A 30 second video is an excellent and easy way to showcase the advantages of your product, its main features, design and users' value. Place it on your website and share it through social media. Just remember that the video is not to stay the way it is, so it (as well as other content) should be updated monthly or even weekly. If you are bend on regularly posting development updates and user surveys it is recommended to consider launching a video channel on YouTube or Vimeo.

While trying to build a range of top-notch app promotion tools it is important to always listen to your customers who can provide unique insight into their user experience. This will eventually let you successfully market your app, develop a strong marketing strategy tailored to your needs and address ever-evolving challenges in this vibrant field.

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