The Privacy Policy of Books Run

The privacy policy is mandated in controlling how Books run gathers collects stores and how it discloses information received from the users. This forms the basis of books run information which is available on the website. The privacy policy is used in the site and all the services offered by books run to its customers. With no doubt, the students who are the customers to the business assist the business gather the necessary information which assists in the keeping of records. Hence there is proper documentation of information which is quite essential for the business which helps track the progress of the business.

The Personal Identification Information.
We as the books run we have a policy called books run information which assists in collecting data from the users. The process involves a variety of ways which is not solely limited when users access our website and register on the site and then he or she places an order. Also, we offer a chance for users to have access to our newsletters which are available on the website.  Users are also required to provide the right name the mailing address and the phone number for clarity purposes. Users are advised to visit our site frequently. We gather personal identification information if they are willing to give such information to us. It is advisable to submit the information as you will have access to specific areas in the site.

The General Information.
We are always ready and willing to collect general information concerning the users when they are interacting with the website. The general information consists of the name of the browser you are using, the computer you are using and the means you are using to connect to our site.

The browser Cookies
The site use cookies which enhances the user’s knowledge on the website. The browser information is stored on the hard drive which is used for keeping record and it is used in tracking information about them.

The Use of the Collected Information.
Books run information quite crucial to the business. They are used in serving the following purposes first the information is used to improve the customer services. After collecting the information, we analyze the weak areas, and then we try to improve the problem. Hence the information assists in the appropriate response to your needs as a customer. The information help to personalize user experience and, we also use the information in the understanding of how our users as a group make use of the services we deliver on our site. The information assists in processing payments. We use the information provided by the users when he or she makes an order with us and sells the books to us so that we can deposit the money he or she deserves in the account. And finally, we require the information as it assists in improving our site so that we can be more efficient for our customers.

In conclusion, booksrun information is quite important to us as we can provide what our customers require.

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