Interesting Facts About YouTube That Might Surprise You

There are myriads of astonishing and interesting facts about YouTube that every person should know. So, do you want to know some of them? If yes, then read on. Below, you will find 8 interesting YouTube facts that you might not know up ‘til now.

8 Interesting YouTube Facts

1. YouTube is owned by Google
In October 2006, Google bought Youtube for $1.65 billion. As a matter of fact, before it is a huge amount of money, but today, it looks like a small change considering YouTube's current value.

2. Localized Versions Are Available
In the actual fact, this platform started to roll out localized versions in June 2007. Users in various areas would obtain different features as well as recommendations and localized top-level domains such as .fr, .com, and

Nevertheless, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Japan, Ireland, Italy, France, the US, UK, and Brazil were the first countries to obtain their YouTube website.

3. Youtube Plays Pranks During April Fool's Day
Every year, Youtube throws a prank on its hundreds of millions of users on April Fool's Day. The very first incident was on the site's homepage which was, in fact, a Rickroll.

Youtube, on the other hand, surprised a lot of people when it turned the site upside down in 2009.

Nevertheless, since this tradition started, YouTube plays pranks in order to keep the trend alive every year.

4. Buying Youtube Views is possible
If you're having a hard time getting more views for your Youtube videos, consider buying them. Yes, you read it right you can now buy Youtube video views today. As a matter of fact, this tactic is safe and most importantly, legal. However, when buying make sure to check the seller whether it is reliable or not.

5. It is the 2nd biggest search engine
Did you know that YouTube search is larger compared to Bing? Well, it is true. In fact, Youtube processes more demands than Yahoo and Bing combined.

6. Advertisements First Appeared in 2017
Without a doubt, Google is one of the biggest companies all over the world, and take note, it did not take long to monetize Youtube.

Before ads were not present on YouTube videos but 9 months after Google acquired the website, the first advertisement was broadcasted.

7. Americans are hooked to YouTube
On average, 80% of North Americans aged between 18 and 49 tend to watch at least one Youtube video every day.

8. The Very First Video Uploaded is a casual video
Have you ever wondered what was the first video uploaded in this site? Actually, it isn't a classic video but instead a casual one featuring Jawed Karim. The video, on the other hand, was captured by YakovLapitsky. What's more, it earned more than four millions views when it goes online on April 23, 2005.

There you go, the list of the most interesting and surprising facts about YouTube. Indeed, the above-mentioned details are mind-blowing. We hope you have learned a lot of new things from this content.

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