How to Get Instagram Followers for Business

Instagram is an excellent platform for business growth, with at least half a billion users browsing the app each day. However, if you don't know how to stop massive unfollows on Instagram, you may not maximize the Gram's potential.

Building your social presence through Instagram provides another avenue for driving traffic towards your sales funnel. But not everyone has the expertise or information to get more followers on IG.

That's why in this post, we'll be looking at how to get Instagram followers for business purposes. Boosting your footprint on this platform will undoubtedly grow your business reach and get you more sales easily.

How to Get Instagram Followers for Business: The Best Ways to Do It

1. Optimize your account

Optimizing your account before beginning any search for organic follows is important. Without optimizing your IG account, it becomes difficult to max out any strategy to gain a massive following.

You need to focus on optimizing your:

  • Bio
  • Image captions
  • Username
  • Profile picture

A strong IG bio helps shape brand identity of businesses. Prospective customers will link the account to your brand based on the bio on your profile. Also, image captions have to represent your brand, as inappropriate descriptions may turn off potential customers.

Your username and profile picture also has to represent your brand image at all times. Optimizing your bio makes it easy for customers to spot your account. If your account has all the right things in place, organic followership is easier to manage.

2. Link your IG account to other platforms

Promoting your account is a smart way to attract followers for business. Your IG account should be listed in your official website and social media handles.

Putting your IG account out there boosts your visibility on the Gram. People will find your content easily and redirect to your Gram account within moments.

Several businesses use cross-platform promotion to great effect. But if IG is your main platform, it's better to focus your effort on creating awareness for that account.

3. Maintain a smart content calendar

Posting content at random isn't a good practice for attracting followers, especially on IG. Haphazard, random posts will turn most potential followers from your account.

A regular posting schedule makes it easy to keep users interested in your account. No one on IG wants to follow an account that doesn't put out regular, exciting content.

Most brands do not post more than four times a day, and bigger businesses may not post twice each day. Spamming your followers should be a major concern, as many users will unfollow ‘buggy' accounts in an instant.

When you're planning a content calendar, remember to consider your industry. The number of posts you need to make each day depends on your niche. For example, businesses in the fashion industry may need to post multiple times per day to attract followers. However, businesses in the self-improvement/fitness niche may need no more than two posts per day.

With a consistent schedule, it becomes easier to guarantee your followers a standard experience. Employ a scheduling tool to post content on IG if you want your work to be less challenging.

4. Make good use of keywords and hashtags

Hashtags and keywords are integral factors to growing an organic follower base on the Gram. Hashtags make your business easy to discover, boosting your market reach without hassle. Extensive keyword research is important to leverage hashtags to full effect.

Find out the main terms people search for on IG and build your content around these target words. With the right hashtags, it becomes easy for people to see your content among thousands of other posts.

5. Opt for organic follows

If you want your followers to grow on IG, it's better to opt for legitimate users. Fake accounts are common on IG and some brands go all out to purchase followers. IG can wipe out fake accounts in a matter of moments, which could reduce your followers significantly.

It is important to allow people follow you by choice (organically) instead of deceiving them. Apart from lowering your account's credibility, it may become difficult to gain new followers going in the future.

Also, buying followers doesn't add anything to your business' growth potential through IG. When customers like and share your posts, they become unofficial ambassadors. Real followers that love your content will surely buy your products. Fake accounts, on the other hand, will only add to your ego for a while.

6. Post content relevant to followers

Visual content is a main feature followers want to see on IG. Without correct content, it becomes a challenge to attract followers on a consistent basis to your posts. Incorporate a lot of video and photo content into your posts before adding text. Merging great audiovisual content along with correct text keeps followers glued to your posts without hassle.

7. Take cues from Instagram Insights

With information from IG insights, it becomes less challenging to map out an effective organic followership strategy. Ensure you make full use of these insights to form a functional ad campaign.

8. Use advocates for content posting

Getting your content to a wider base is essential to building an organic following in record time. Knowing how valuable your audience is makes it easy to structure your marketing campaign to perfection.

You can get a massive following through sponsored content on IG. User-generated content on customer feeds is likely to increase organic followership to your account.

Also, employing a giveaway campaign in turn for reposting is another way to leverage users for more followers. Initiate a giveaway and most users will become natural ambassadors for your brand, attracting more followers to your account.

Last Word

How to get Instagram followers for business doesn't get any easier than what this post provides. Making the most of your IG campaign to attract an organic base is best for your business.

Do not resort to ‘bot' accounts or paying for followers. Your business growth strategy could get hurt beyond repair, and you don't want that.

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