How to Find Good Education Resources Online

In the 21st century, as well know, our world is driven entirely by technology and industry. With the advent of the internet came unprecedented ease of access to an unlimited amount of data that one could have only dreamed of having access to many years ago. Educational institutes now rely entirely on online resources to teach their students and for their students to research and find information and course material.

This page will seek to tell you exactly how you can find the best and most informative educational resources online. When you do not know where to look, it can be difficult, but now you need to look no further than this page for tips and information. Be sure that if you are used educational resources that you are using licensed products. Product piracy is a scourge that must be rooted out and is detrimental to worldwide education.

Here is how you can find good educational resources online.


Ranking websites are hugely beneficial in students finding the best educational resources online. Ranking and analytical websites like the team from offer you the opportunity to find the best educational resources by conducting their own painstaking research and data. These analytical and research websites are able to uncover the latest trends and determine which pieces of software and which resources are being used the most by educational institutions and their students alike. For students who do not attend university or college, but want to learn at home, or have access to the same resources, these trend patterns can be hugely beneficial and can allow you to get a university standard education from the comfort of your own home. Consult these websites regularly, as trends are in a constant state of change, and what’s hot today may not be tomorrow.


Forums are another great platform that can be used to find educational resources. Forums are similar to chatrooms and are online knowledge bases where people can share their opinions and interesting information. Educational student forums, and educational forums, in general, are a wonderful and awesome place to find up-to-date educational resources and the best reviews and information on them. Current students will be members of these forums, meaning that they will be able to share which educational resources are being used by their educational institutions. These are great places to get insider information on educational resources.

University Portals

If you are a current student, then undoubtedly, the best place to find educational resources is on your university’s platform. University portals offer hundreds of different pieces of course information and educational resources and also offer access to e-libraries, which for many students, are much-needed. You can access your university platform by logging in with your student number and corresponding student password. Rather than looking anywhere else and as a student, this should be the first place you consult for up-to-date educational resources. University portals are a lot of help, and occasionally, they can be accessed by former students.

Video Platforms

Video streaming platforms are another great and innovative place to find educational resources. Many video platforms now offer hundreds of channels dedicated to helping people learn things that they may not know or may be interested in. Video platforms have given people a podium to teach information that they think is relevant, which is why video streaming platforms are such a great educational resource. There are so much information and data learned daily as a result of these platforms that they are quickly becoming the go-to for students who are struggling to read books and learn any other way. Check out video platforms for a truly immersive and educational experience.


E-libraries are a very beneficial educational resource and are open to everybody, providing you pay for membership. They are one of the most frequently used online education services and have millions and millions of books ready to download. These libraries are becoming much more popular than more traditional libraries, as many people would rather read online than with a physical book nowadays. E-libraries are everywhere. You should use them if you are interested in learning things that you did not know and broadening your educational horizon.

Declassified Information

Declassified government websites are another awesome educational resource that would not exist if it were not for the internet’s ingenuity. Declassified websites can be found everywhere, ranging from the FBI to the CIA. Check them out if you want to learn some fascinating and secret government information!

Now you know several ways to find good online educational resources. It is brilliant that more people want to learn from home and are expressing an interest in education.

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