How Easy Is It To Start Your Own Online Business With Wix?

Many people want to begin selling online, but few make it actually happen. There are many perceived roadblocks in the way – ranging from worries about expense, to difficulties with shipping. Not everyone wants to dedicate their whole life to selling online. Now, thanks to Wix print on demand services, fulfilled by Printful, it's easier than ever to start your business.

Whether you want to take your first step into a thriving online brand using the power of eCommerce, you're interested in making a little side-income, or you just want a practical outlet for your creativity, you should consider what drop-shipping can do for you. It couldn’t be easier to get started.

How does drop-shipping work?
Drop-shipping can be thought of as order fulfilment on your behalf, basically. You set up your eCommerce store on Wix, which is connected to your drop-shipping partner's systems, say Printful for example. When a customer buys something through Wix, the order goes to Printful – who will then print, pack, and ship it on your behalf.

The process is built on using white label goods, which are basically blank goods that you can customise with a range of your own designs. These can be then printed on demand, which means you don’t need to invest in any upfront stock to start selling.

Getting started with Wix
Sounds great, right? So how do you get started? Well it couldn't be easier!

All you need to do is create your store at Wix, then decide the products that you're going to be selling. Use your custom designs to customise the products you want to sell – whether you choose to customise everything you can, or specialise to one item is entirely up to you.

With that done and your Wix store connected to your drop-shipping partner, you then think about adding any available billing options, and making sure that shipping charges are clear. It really is as simple as that! Now you’re ready to start selling your goods.

Your drop-shipping partner will ship your goods all around the world to your customers; all you need to do is think about developing and marketing your brand.

Wix is a highly affordable way to get started – all you need to consider is the subscription fee, starting at $23 monthly, and a % transaction fee. That's it.

If you've ever thought about selling online, there's no better time, so try Wix today for yourself.

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