Help Yourself With This Detailed Guide On Citing A Website

In the old days, the only source of news and information are either the news broadcast on television or radio and the newspaper, but as the time goes by and as technology advances, more and more channels are opened to provide information to the masses. One of these channels that is widely being used today is the internet blogging and there are other varieties on that aspect as well, but the most common is the website blogs.

The Website Blogs

Website blogs basically contain millions and millions of information and links in order to provide the people the message they need. If you own the website blog, you have to create your own articles and put these information on your site. There will be times that you have seen a clip or a quote you liked on a website and wanted to borrow it, well that is just plainly illegal as you may get into trouble and be charged as plagiarism by the blogger you got the data from. With the upcoming discussion that we will have, you will find out what additional information you need and how to cite a website in order for you to have more content on your own website blog.

Check out the Details

First of all, before you cite a website, you have to find out first on what kind of content do you need for you website, may it be a quote, a video clip, a photo or a graphic design, or a piece of data, either of these are something that you cannot borrow just like that as these are actually by the ownership of the person who originally uploaded them. You have to make sure that if you will be borrowing either of these, you have to give credit where credit is due.

Citing A Website

In order to cite a website, you have to understand first the benefits of borrowing a content as it will open your website in a positive way to other sites as well. Citing a website is being done so that the readers will not think that it's your own original work. If the quote you borrowed does not actually fit within the context, it's okay to alter it slightly but make sure to emphasize on the parts where you did your alterations. If ever that you will be citing for a data or statistics, it's better to get more facts and figures, remember, people are not interested in your own opinion alone, they want proven and actual research, and when you cite a content from social media, in order for you to give credit actually depends on what platform you are using.

Create Content and Have Fun!

Over all, creating a content online is the best way to send your message to everyone, however, it is important to expand your website and link them with other websites in order to widen your range, just make sure that you give credit to the original owner of the content you will be borrowing, remember, do unto others what you want others to do unto you.

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