An Informative Guide On Where To Find Product Reviews Online

When a customer goes to an online to purchase an item, they will at some point look at the customer reviews of that product. If the product is a brand or device that they are unfamiliar with, product reviews often become the determining factor of purchase. Product creators are aware of this. Sometimes product reviews are deliberately written to give a positive spin on a product. As a result, honest unbiased product review sites have stepped forward to give customers the best value for money.

This guide will help point you to the best resources for product reviews online.

Why Product Reviews Are Important

Product reviews are built on the basis of ‘Social Proof.' Social Proof is defined on as “the influence that the actions and attitudes of the people around us (either in real life or online) have on our own behavior”. The more people promoting its usefulness, the more likely a future potential customer will take the advice of others even if they don’t know them.

Customers also place product reviews if they have a positive emotional response to using a product or service, for example, if their child is happy with a new toy. New customers may be able to identify with those same emotions and this can influence purchasing. This is also good data for companies to make changes to their product to connect with their customers better.

With hundreds of product choices available online, reviews can prevent customers from making bad purchases or can help them make the most cost-effective choice. Check these guides below to get impartial customer feedback before your next purchase.

Where to Find Product Reviews

Google My Business

A great place to start is your own backyard. Using Google My Business, potential customers can see locally what people are saying about the products and services sold in their area. Customers can rate the business out of five stars and the business can respond to any questions or concerns they may have from the ratings.


With the thousands of software choices available, Capterra allows users to rate the usability and performance of paid and free web applications. For example, if you are looking for design software, you can see how customers rate the most popular choices on the market in the categories of value for money, ease of use, features, and customer support. They also write the Pros and Cons of the software. These categories are aggregated at the top of the business profile on Capterra.


GetApp is another useful software review tool. You can choose software by category and review the ratings provided by past and present customers. GetApp also allows users to rate software side by side, so you can get a better idea of the advantages and disadvantages of each and make a more informed purchasing decision. Finally, GetApp can give you recommendations based on your preferences so you can become laser-focused with your search. Businesses can easily and freely list their software for future customers to see their customer satisfaction level.


This platform goes in depth with engaging blog posts that rank the top ten products in each category. Reviews are done on categories like cars, toys, clothing, health, and wellness. At the top of each post are the items ranked by customer feedback. Then they go in depth with product details, how to use the product, pros, and cons. To use the site, go to, search for the item at the top right of the home page and you’ll see a list of blog posts written on your product.


With over 28 million reviews, Influenster is a platform that provides honest customer reviews, Question and Answer write-ups and community polls on thousands of items from health care, food and beverages, electronics and even real estate. Influenster allows customers to log post pictures, rate items out of five stars, and list Pros and Cons so other consumers can make informed choices based on collective feedback.


If you’re looking for a product, chances are it is sold on Amazon. Amazon allows customers to leave detailed reviews on the purchased product. Customers can rate up to five stars, with an average customer review given to the product from total reviews.

The review section on Amazon allows customers to add pictures to further help explain use. Other customers can also vote on the helpfulness of the review. The more helpful a review is, the more attention customers should pay to it.


Trustpilot compiles customer feedback and ratings for some of the biggest companies and best products worldwide. Businesses can send customers to review emails that go directly to the database of Trustpilot. Customers can also click on a Trustpilot review and see the detailed list and comments left by others. Trustpilot allows companies to proudly display their ratings on their websites and social media.

Using the experience of others help consumers make informed purchasing decisions. There are several online review choices out there. If customers have the time, they should use multiple review resources to make their decision. These review resources also allow customers to pay it forward by submitting an honest review of their own. Review sites ensure products and services are purchased based on quality and value.

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