Digg is Dead (So Very, Very Close Now)

I think I killed Digg. You see, when I buy a stock it goes down; when I sell a stock it goes up. When I finally buy the gizmo that everyone is raving about, a new model is released that is 10x better. So when I got around to putting a system together for abusing err… using Digg.com, I should've known that it was about to become a has-been. Don't believe me? Check out the latest traffic estimates from Compete? Sure Compete's numbers are often off by a big margin, but they do fairly well with trending for high-volume sites.

Digg Traffic is Declining

The only thing I can hope for now is that my proclamation actually means that Digg is about to bounce back. That would certainly be in keeping with history!

[Update: September 16, 2011]
I thought I'd check in on Digg to see how things are going. It turns out the downward trend in traffic continues. Sure, I'd love to have a site with 2.5 million visitors a month, but who can be happy about that knowing that a year ago there were 7.5 million visitors a month?

Digg Traffic Still Declining August 2011

[Update: July 17, 2012]
Compete.com released a data update today. I'm not sure why I continue to be fascinated with Digg's decline, but why fight it, right? So here's how things look. Note that the beginning of this graph lines up with the end of the one above. Sorry about the size differences. It would appear that Compete has been mucking with their site.

Digg Traffic Still Declining July 2012
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  1. I think Digg will get acquired by either Google or Microsoft within the next year. The fact is Twitter and Facebook have taken over the market for social media...I have noticed that I don't seen many (or any) DIGG THIS buttons on many blogs any more like I did back in 2007 (pre-Twitter!).

  2. I'll bet you Digg doesn't come back :)

    The niche just got fragmented. There are now a bazillion places to find the kind of content that used to make the front page of Digg (cracked.com, failblog.org, etc.).

    It's just like when there were only 3 major networks on TV. At one point, they controlled 99% of the market. Small networks started popping up and eroding the niche. The big 3 networks had no real way to makeup lost ground and now they're down to 32% marketshare.

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