How to Become Famous on Social Media

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If there's one thing that has single-handedly turned the world of fame and celebrity upside down, it's social media. Rather than fame and fortune being a gruelling uphill climb like it was in the days of yore, people of all ages and backgrounds can now attract an audience of millions basically overnight.

People pursue social media fame for a wide variety of reasons. It might be to enhance their personal brand, to boost their online business, or simply make some new friends. Either way, there are a few rules you need to follow if you plan on becoming a social media superstar. Here's what you need to do.

Stick to One Platform

In reality, “social media famous” is an umbrella term which doesn't actually mean much. Few people who have achieved social media stardom have ever done so across a variety of websites. Twitter fame and Instagram fame are two very different beasts, attracting two very different audiences. Facebook fame is like another planet entirely. Pick a platform that works best for you and that you know well, and stick to it.

Have Something to Offer

Your content needs to be worth clicking on. Every post needs to offer something of value to your audience, whether that's entertainment, free stuff, or beautiful content. Successful Twitter accounts always tend to give something to their loyal followers. Take the Twitter account for the globally-known gaming platform Mr Green for example, which uses every post to inform followers about cash prizes and bonus offers. You need a purpose like this if you want to succeed.

Have a Clear Theme

Followers and prospective followers should be able to take one look at your feed and immediately know what you're all about. It could be that your feed is just a series of funny, current memes, or videos offering makeup tutorials. For Instagram, a consistent aesthetic is absolutely crucial. Figure out what your theme is and don't deviate from that for any reason. This will help attract an entire demographic of followers who are eager for the kind of content you can offer.

Source: Pixabay

Connect with Other Influencers

The halls of fame are rarely reached alone. You'll want to reach out to other famous social media influencers to see if they can give you a helping hand. This could just be in the form of a free retweet, or it could be in the form of a collaboration on some content that you both specialise in. Either way, you will want to do a lot of networking to boost your follower count, especially in the early days.

Be Willing to Share Everything

People are naturally drawn to authenticity. In the magnifying glass of social media, this is best achieved via complete and total openness. You will want to share every aspect of your life with your followers. Not only does this help show your personality, but it also convinces those followers to trust you. If you're a closed book, no-one will be interested.

Social media fame might be quicker than conventional fame, but it still involves a fair amount of struggle. Although you might just be one good post away from a million followers, you'll need to put the work in early on.

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