3 Places to Look for Free Student E-books

Nowadays, e-books are an important asset to almost every student out there. You can access them anywhere, whenever you want. You can save them for offline access and read when you are not close to a wifi spot. You can use them interactively to access many useful features like taking digital notes. They are cheaper than printed copies, and you can store and carry thousands of them at all times.

How to find free ebooks?

E-books can also be expensive if you don't know where to look for them. Nevertheless,  there are many websites that offer a certain amount of ebooks for free, not all of them have a catalog of content that's well suited for the needs of the average high school or college student. This encouraged us to do a deep search and come up with a list of the three places that offer the widest selection of free books for students.

If there is a service that is well suited for students to find their e-books in, then that is BookBon.com. Bookbon is a company that actually pays teachers and highly proficient students from universities all across the globe to write e-books for them and then makes a good portion of that content available for free to anyone who registers to their website.

Bookbon's service make the company well known for offering fair deals to its contributors. Meaning that they are doing well for their writers and that they get their hands on good quality content.

Their content selection is pretty wide: economics, information technology, engineering, and even humanities subjects. With such a diverse set of topics to choose from, it is almost sure that you will find what you are looking for within their catalog.

Bookbon offers a fair amount of value for free, however, if you want to access even more content from an even wider variety of topics, you can always go with the paid membership which will give you the ability to do so.

According to the OpenLibrary vision statement, that can be reached through their website, their goal is to actually make every single work that's ever been published by humankind, available to everyone in the world. How ambitious is that?

Being a project by the non-profit organization Internet Archive, OpenLibrary currently offers all of its content entirely for free and it is not expected that this will ever change at any point in the future.

They collect their books from places such as Amazon, the Library of Congress and a wiki-like system that allows users from around the world to make content contributions.  They claim to have over one million public domain digitized books, along with other literary assets that they have obtained through other multiple sources.

OpenLibrary is a great place to look in when you are searching for assets to help you with your studies. They exist solely with the purpose of being helpful like that, and as a student, you can´t go wrong using their platform.

Project Gutenberg
This website claims to offer a selection of over sixty thousand digitized books for free. The platform allows you to read the books online or download them. Something that I found quite charming about this website is the fact that you don't need to register on it nor download any kind of app in order to use it. It is a simple, straightforward choice to get your free e-books.


While none of the websites mentioned could actually do my coursework for me, all three of them did a great job at offering me more quality e-books for free that I can possibly read in a lifetime. I'm sure they'll do the same for you.

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