Top 5 Reasons You Should Invest in Mobile Advertising Now

Your online advertising is fine, but there's another element that you should add. With so many people accessing the Internet using their phones these days, choosing to not take advantage of what Acuity mobile advertising has to offer is effectively leaving money on the table. Here are a few of the reasons this type of advertising needs to be included in your advertising and marketing efforts.

Everyone Has a Smartphone
Maybe not everyone just yet, but that's the direction things are headed. According to the statistics portal Statista, an estimated 24.02 million Canadians owned smartphones in 2017. That figure is projected to increase to 29.34 million by 2022. Think of the potential to reach new customers, sell new products to existing ones, and in general increase the recognition of your products and brand. From text advertising to the use of video advertising via a smartphone, the possibilities are definitely there.

All Sorts of Creative Options
The thing about Acuity mobile advertising is that there are so many ways to create and place ads that appeal to different types of consumers. Just about all the options that you have with general online advertising are present. With a mobile approach, you can incorporate a text messaging campaign, create compelling ads that display while users are playing games, and a number of other options for getting the word to your targeted audience. The range of strategies is only limited by your ability to create and launch them.

Ads Based on User Preference
Mobile advertising in general is a more effective approach to targeted advertising. It's possible to create and deploy ads based on what individual users search for, look up, and even purchase online. You can create campaigns that draw on the strength of video advertising, animated ads that appear during searches, and come up with short text ads that include links back to your landing pages. Instead of launching an ad and hoping it gets to the right consumers, you stand a better chance of reaching people who will click on the ads and respond.

Location-Based Advertising
Next to targeting consumers on factors like age and economic status, location is a key element in any advertising campaign. The thing to remember about Acuity mobile advertising is that it is possible to create and deploy ads based on geographic locations. That improves the odds of giving people one more reason to click on the ads and see what your company is all about.

Excellent Use of Your Advertising Budget
It's hard to think of a form of advertising that's more cost-effective than mobile advertising. So many of the elements can also be used in other settings. For example, the video advertising you create can also be posted in social media, on sites devoted to videos, and even embedded on your website. Even the copy from the text ads can be used in other online settings. That allows you to get more returns for the investment and keep the overall cost of your advertising campaign more affordable.

If you are not using mobile ads along with other means of reaching consumers, now is the time to change that. Talk with a specialist and learn how to create and launch an effective campaign. A year from now, you’ll wonder how the business ever got along without this approach to marketing.

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