3 Tips in Choosing the Perfect Home Office Printer

There are different kinds of printers that can print pretty much anything you want be it an essay, coupon or even last minute directions to your house party. There is intense competition between high ranking brands like HP, Epson, Canon and the rest.

It is because of such competition that you can get a really good printer for relatively low prices at the local supermarket. Even so, you need to put a number of factors into consideration before making your purchase.

Here are a few tips that you need to consider when choosing the perfect home printer.

1.Do you need an Inkjet, Photo or Laser printer?
One of the very first things that you need to consider is whether you need inkjet or  laser printers for your home office space. It all depends on what it is you intend to print and how much you plan to print.

If you are printing coloured stuff and also in bulk, then the colour inkjet printers will be the most suitable. They are very fast and can print anything. If you are considering printing in monochrome, laser printers can perfectly fit the bill. They are also good if you are on a tight budget because they are relatively cheaper.

Further, if you are I need of a printer that can help you print out your family photos, probably you should consider getting photo printers. Even though you can’t multitask with a photo printer, the quality of photos it produces are of very high quality as compared to other printing machines.

2.Consider the cost of supply.
There is an old saying that says “Give away the razor, sell the blades” That is simply the ancient business model that these printing companies use today. They will lure customers with very low prices when it comes to printing machines because they know very well that they will milk you when it comes to replacing the ink cartridges.

It is therefore advisable for you to conduct a research on the cost of replacement supplies before making your purchase. You had better invest in an expensive printer that will only need a cheap line of replacement cartridges.

Also you need to do your homework on some of these new models like HP that will offer plans that can automatically send you cartridges when you run out of ink and it also promises a fixed number of pages for an affordable fee every month.

3.Networking capabilities.
Most printers can now offer multiple connectivity options. You can have one that can give you several USB ports and also wireless printing options. Therefore, depending on how big your home office is, you might want to consider choosing a printer that has some of these features.

In a nutshell, other things that you may want to consider include whether you need a printer that can do automatic duplexing. This simply means one that can effectively print both sides without you having to keep flipping the page manually. You may also need a printer that has storage capacity like memory card slots, PictBridge and can connect you to the cloud. This is very useful when printing out photos and documents from a memory card or flash disk.

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