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There's no question that PowerPoint is ubiquitous in corporate America. And because it is so widely used (and overused I might add), everyone wants their presentation to be unique. So their first step, after cycling through the templates installed with the program, is to search the internet for free PowerPoint templates or some variation. The search engines don't disappoint.

At least that was the initial feeling I got when I first did that search. A closer inspection revealed that these free PowerPoint templates are, for lack of a better word, crap. Sure the colors change and the graphic treatments are varied, but they look amateurish and uninspiring. Combine these templates with the standard handful of bullets per page that is the mainstay of the PowerPoint world and you end up with a deck that looks and “feels” like everyone else's.

Fortunately, a better solution is available. The book Beyond Bullet Points by Cliff Atkinson walks the reader through an alternative to the usual PowerPoint formula. In it, Atkinson describes a process whereby you build a presentation that is more like a story and does away with the usual bullet points. His process also results in three presentations all with the same message, but of varying lengths and detail. The biggest drawback is that it takes quite a bit of time to bring something together the Beyond Bullet Points way. And the search for free PowerPoint templates isn't going to yield anything of value. Nevertheless, it is still a worthwhile read especially if you're pitching a new idea and looking to inspire your audience instead of just informing them.

Want more information before committing to buying the book, check out the Beyond Bullets website.

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  1. Here is a resource for free power point templates:
    You can download templates for free.

    Enjoy it.

  2. you've got to know how to word your search, and you've got to be patient. i've found good ones that don't look like crap. searching is all about the wording. and as for bullets, it's not hard to make your own.

  3. There are many quality template sites like and etc. both sell templates with professional quality

  4. Avatar photo


    Any chance you remember the URLs for the good templates you've found?

  5. I've got to disagree. I have found some beautiful and inspired free powerpoint templates and backgrounds. I've also found some really bad ones, also. I've managed on some of them to go in the Master and change it up a bit. There are also some cool bullets out there on the Web and I've taken advantage of those.

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