What Kind Of Care Does A German Shepherd Need?

German shepherd dogs are known for their loyalty and intelligence. Making them at the top list as the world's leading police and military dogs but these dogs have a place in our house too, they make excellent family dogs and long-term companions, if loved, raised, and trained well. German shepherds require significant time and energy to groom, they also require owners who can provide them the leadership, training, and the activities they need.


German shepherd dogs must have a lot of socialization either from other dogs or from other people, putting their minds to a wide variety of settings and should begin in their early stages, as this will also lead to a well-adjusted adult. Ready yourself to exert more effort and time on this phase as this dog has its maturity and if failed to engage them with socialization they can display uncertainty around strangers and fear in unknown situations or worse aggression. This kind of breed needs to have consistent learning and work on their behavior, even if it hits its adulthood, but don't worry german shepherds are intelligent and a fast learner and also one thing to keep in mind is that German shepherds tend to grow as big and powerful, not to mention full of energy. They can weigh eighty pounds or more. 

Socialization is also important for these types of breeds because it allows them to understand what is normal from a threat. If you have control with the dog, situations like this can be in your hands. 

Food and Health

It is interesting to note that a German Shepherd must be given a specific and proper diet. According to a study, food consumed by german shepherds must have protein like poultry, fish, or any other form of whole meat, followed by carbohydrates, grains, and fats. There are a lot of pet shops that offer the best dog food for german shepherds that are specific for their dietary needs. As an owner, you must choose one that is suitable for your dog. Keep your dog from having corn as a source of protein as it is hard for them to digest it.

Visit the veterinary clinic regularly to get all the vaccines your dog needs. 

Separation Anxiety

German shepherd dogs can find ways to amuse themselves that many people may not appreciate. They love to chew stuff like balls and worse papers as it helps them keep busy, but be cautious, their teeth are strong, but not all items can be destroyed by those fangs and these items can be hazardous and affect your dog's health.

Playing with your dog can help prevent problems like separation anxiety. Left alone these bundles of joy easily become bored. Have time to exercise your dog, try to walk them in the park as much as possible. They want to be tired.

Make sure your German Shepherd has a large cage, giving them the ability to move freely and helps avoid triggering their destructive behavior. Adding another dog or a pet can help prevent loneliness.

We cannot deny that German Shepherds are immensely talented and full of capacities. That's why this dog is popular as pets and essential to every nation’s security. But for german shepherds to be what they are, we need to give them the love and time they truly deserve because after all, they have a heart too.

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